Lazy Monday: COOK-OFF

Cook-Off: (noun) a social gathering where the participants try to out-cook one another.

Who? My brothers(with the aid of wives/girlfriends) and my father.

What? To date: pizza, stuffed peppers, lasagne, Parmesan chicken, ribs, runzas, etc.

Where? Facebook.

How? Photos. Lots and lots of photos.

Why? God only knows.

The result? Grace really doesn’t feel like a good woman. Grace cooks a lot when her mother isn’t residing in the house, but her mother does such a fantastic job as a homemaker Grace’s womanly kitchen urges are just nipped in the bud. Oh dear oh dear oh dear. On a plus note Grace isn’t getting fat off of all the delicious foods.

Grace is on the border of a pity-party so Grace is going to go fold laundry while listening to Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Being a kitchen-woman is over rated.

Believe it, Grace.

Believe it.

Just breathe.

Control that heart rate…


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  1. bekahcubed says:

    Ye-ouch. No need to feel sorry for yourself. I happen to know you’re plenty domesticated. Also, there are seasons of life for everything. Six months ago, I wasn’t cooking at all. Now I cook something new every day (except today, when we REALLY needed to get rid of leftovers.)

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