Small Blessings

I’ve been talking a lot about my new job lately. Maybe because it’s God’s gift to my weary soul. The problem is that I am doing 12s and I”m down right tuckered by the time I end my shift. So here I’m going to have a mini thankfulness session to get my mind off my aching feet.

I’m thankful for:

God, who convinced my body that I didn’t need the full half hour this morning to travel from the pastures of dreamland to the chaos of consciousness so that I could spend 4:20 AM- 5:00 AM finishing reading Mark for my bible study tonight.

Slow days, because no matter how boring and agonizing a slow day is, it will never be as awful as having people falling down, or worse, coding. The worst thing I dealt with today was a loogie the size of a golf ball.

The sunset that lazily waved goodbye as I drove home from work.

Sweatpants and Monkey Slippers. Because let’s be real.

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