I’m going to be perfectly honest with you, I’ve lost steam on my gender role posts…. Not that I don’t care anymore, but life happens.

Basically if you cut through all the politics in order to respect someone as a man or a woman they have to be responsible. In order to respect yourself as a man or a woman you have to be responsible.

In the family the parents are responsible for the financial, physical, emotional, spiritual, etc. education and support of those belonging to their family. It doesn’t really matter who is taking care of what needs between the man and the woman, that’s immaterial. What matters is that the needs are being met and the husband and wife are partners in meeting those needs.

When I go on the prowl for potential boyfriends(LOOOOOL! this is more of a hypothetical situation here.) I look for a guy who is masculine. This means that he is responsible and able to support himself as a single man. Aka doesn’t live with his parents, does his own laundry, makes wise decisions for himself, is financially responsible, holds a job, is active in his church, has a real relationship with God, etc. These things show me that if we were to end up married he would be able to support US financially and lead US spiritually. Do I want to live off of him for the rest of my life? HECK NO! Do I just want to stay home and cook and clean and take care of children? Dear God, please no. Does it mean I’m less feminine because I don’t aspire to be a mother and homemaker? Absolutely not.

Regardless of my femininity or lack there of my point is that laziness and free-loading is not acceptable in men or women. In my eyes the stereotypical trophy wife is synonymous with dead-beat wife. Not feminine. In the same way the stereotypical trophy husband is synonymous with dead-beat husband. Not masculine. Not fulfilling their duties as a man/woman(adult in general.)

There. I’m done. No more gender politics for a very long time.

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