What, you may ask, does the E stand for? Expressions? Emotional? Eastern? etc? (Ahahahaha etc. starts with an e)

nope. All wrong(except for maybe emotional) ELECTRONIC! Darned phone!

Yep. I was leaving the home of one of my bible study girls when my phone slipped off my bible and fell down some concrete steps. I pick it up “Thank God the screen isn’t cracked.” I get down the road and (At the stoplight, mind you) I realize my screen is intact, but completely unresponsive. Brilliant. Just what I need after I’ve just spent money I don’t have on a car…. Greeeeeeeaaat.

And now that I’m at home and planning things out I’m realizing that I probably won’t actually have to spend money on a replacement phone(thank god) but this thought has hit me….

What if my car breaks down on the way home from school tomorrow and I can’t call anyone and I get stranded? What if one of my friends has an emotional breakdown and tries to call me but I can’t answer because my phone is busted? What if college calls me and tells me that my picture that I submitted today for my id doesn’t fit the standards and I need a new photo? What if one of my girls has a big question to ask? I HAVE TO USE A REAL ALARM CLOCK IN THE MORNING!!!!

Can I just stay home like a hermit until I have a phone that works?

Oh, those what-ifs can kill you… But I can’t help but feel helpless when I’m suddenly disconnected from instant communication… The Horror!!! Anyways. I’ll probably have a phone that works before tomorrow afternoon…

But I still have to set a real alarm…. like one that’s actually on a clock…. how archaic…

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2 Responses to E-Breakdown

  1. bekahcubed says:

    Oh my! Sounds like you’ve got a veritable disaster :-)

    I’m sure you’ll make it through though. People did for millenia before the invention of the cell phone.

    • Gracie says:

      I know right! I don’t mind not having my phone, actually…. It’s just when it’s so sudden and unexpected. When I’m going up to grandma and grandpa’s house I just expect to not have cell service so it’s all good when I’m disconnected… I don’t even miss facebook up there…. but there’s something about being a senior in high school and being a part of a huge, sudent-run production that just needs communication. And my budget doesn’t need the cost of a new phone. D: Praise God He has my pocketbook in mind.

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