I’m Still Smart!!!

Today I took the Math Placement Exam for college. It was kinda stressful because….

PING! I haven’t taken a math class since Junior year…. I am nearing the end of my Senior year…. Yeah kind of not a good thing.

But turns out I did really well on the placement test and was placed into Math 106…. which apparently that’s right where I left off in high school(last year…. oops) Hooray!

Proof that Jesus loves me. Half the time on that test I was like “Whaaaaaa” shhhh don’t tell. Jk. I’ll own up to being slightly unsure of myself on that test. The point is that even though I was unsure, I got the right answers in the end. Winning!

Just wanted to share my joy at finding out that after a year of a near sedentary lifestyle my brain still works. That’s always a good thing…

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