Hello Again

Confession: I haven’t posted in a really long time. Mainly because I’ve been super stressed and busy loaded. It’s not that I haven’t thought of you guys(pats self on back) I am constantly getting ideas for a new blog. The problem is that I fall asleep before I can get to writing. Epic fail on my part, right. I blame the government.

No, but life has been good lately. Despite the overabundance of drama. I have had virtually no homework! And I’m getting B+ in my AdvAlgD class. A WORLD RECORD!!! Hooray for me. If this post comes out weird it’s probably because I’m in Health class and the formatting is going crazy. Speaking of Health class, I had to watch this movie called FoodInc…. basically it was just demonizing food producers and spreading widespread panic at “what’s really in the food” and then they had this poor mom come up with her sob story about how her son died from food poisoning. Yeah, okay, I admit that food poisoning is an issue…. but maybe you should just, I don’t know, eat at places that actually cook their meat instead of just slapping it onto your tray. wow, what a novel idea.

I am particularly mad about this movie because it paints the food industry as this gigantic corporation that is robotic and doesn’t care about the people at all. well, in case you didn’t notice, people, they’re kind of giving you your sustanance. you really don’t have the liberty of “picking and choosing” food is food. you kind of have to eat what thy throw at you. They also have this push for legislation that can change the standard and whatnot…. frankly, everything the government touches turns to horse crap…. you don’t want your food to turn into horse crap, do you?

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  1. bekahcubed says:

    Your confession is…not surprising, actually. I think I’d figured that one out ;-)

    I’ve had all sorts of people tell me that I have to see Food Inc, but I still haven’t seen it yet. I wonder if the library has it. They probably do, they’re a little fond of liberal propaganda.

    Anywho–I read your post after this one too–and just want to let you know that I love you. Even when I wasn’t actively talking to you about it all, I was still praying for you–and still am. God is so gracious to mend our broken hearts and restore us.

  2. Aaron says:

    I toootally saw that! It was too “yay organic, bla bla bla…..” I don’t think that people understand that if we want to maintain the type of lifestyle that is popular, organic/growing your own/less efficient-ness is just not possible. If we were to go all on renewable energy, we could NOT sustain our current needs, so we would have to cut back. If all artificial things were taken out of our food, or if it were all grown without pesticides/genetic engineering, THERE WOULD NOT BE ENOUGH TO FEED US. It’s silly.

    • Gracie says:

      Agreed. I don’t think people quite understand that genetic engineering and using pesticides doesn’t actually hurt you either. And really, animals are cool, but their comfort is not the number one priority in this situation. What I don’t get about people is, if they were really serious about not being cruel to animals, wouldn’t they just stop eating animals? I mean what could be more cruel then eating them. seriously, that’s pretty much the most cruel thing you could do to an animal. but no, they have to force their threadbare morality on us, when really they don’t want to change things for the better, they just want to alienate people that are actually making money with their business. That movie really really really pissed me off. Mainly because of the slander of corn/beef/milk/chicken/pig farmers. It made me want to hit things because they were all “It’s one giant corperation that is controlling all our food!!! we need to shut this down!” rrrrrrgh those farmers have individual families they have to support. I’m sorry, but the whole freaking midwest is not “one gigantic corperation” and I’m kinda in on the corn industry. There are like….. five seedcorn companies. again, not one big corperation. they have good friendly competition…. although monsanto has a pretty good lead in that race. lucky roundup inventers. anyways, I can see how that would be misleading knowing that monsanto has a patent on the best pesticide in the world, but just because they’re in the lead doesn’t mean thay’re going to stay there forever. they still have competition.

      Okay, minirant is over. Those of you lucky enough to find this little mini blog post will be overjoyed, I”m sure.

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