okay ixnay on the vlogging idea. Why you may ask? I’m not out there. I’m not an extroverted “in your face” type of person. so where I’m fine hiding behind these words, I can’t show my face and perform for people. alone.

so I just got back from a school not my own’s jazz night. there was in fact swing dancing! fun, right? well… duh. but I’m sure I would have had as much fun as every one else…. if I had been

Interlude: my friend just came in with a box of pasta saying “hey how bout this stuff. It’s mini” ROFLOL!!!!!!

out there and in peoples bidness…. maybe I’d have been asked to dance…. well… no, probably not. I’m rather known for my boy repellent at school. I think it has to do with my severe unhingedness(aka awesomeness) that has to do with touching boys. I used to be okay with it, but now I can’t even hold hands with guys I’ve known since kindergarten. probably a good thing I didn’t dance.

oh, and I got my ears double pierced yesterday.

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2 Responses to introvert

  1. bekahcubed says:

    Oh dearie–I hope we can get you dancing sometime here. Don’t despair.

  2. Kayla L. says:

    Mini pasta FTW!

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