I’ve been cheating on God.

All right. I’ve been examining my life, and I’ve found that I could be the next Miley Cyrus!!!!! At home I’m this super religious pcycho Jesus freak…. But at School I’m a completely different person. It kind of makes me think of the song “Unfaithful” By Rihanna(Yes, I do enjoy her music). It’s basically the story of this girl who is cheating on her boyfriend and she knows she shouldn’t but she can’t stop, but it’s breaking her heart cuz she feels like she’s murdering him everytime she leaves to go cheat on him. I know, it’s a typical shallow hollywood pop-out of “I can’t stop doing it, so why should I try”. But I kind of feel like God and mine’s relationship is kind of like that. Sad but true. I guess I need to prioritize and get re-focused…. 

On the bright side… I watched a really good movie about Liberlas being completely and totally wacked… It’s called an American Carol… If you like to laugh at liberals, that’s the perfect movie for you.

Bluenote jazz band auditions tomorrow… I’m kind of stressing about it. This all comes back to my detasseling theory… If honoring God is your #1 goal… all the other stuff is going to get piled on top as a perk… If I honor God in my work and my talent, then no matter what happens his will will be done, whether I get top five and make the audition… or I utterly fail. All praise and glory and honor and Love be to Christ who died in my stead.


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