What the….

Yeah, I’m having a WTF mate? moment. Confession. I really honestly don’t care right now. If I didn’t know I would regret it, I would totally go out and trash my life. Holy CRAP the world looks so good. And I really hate the internet! If it weren’t for youtube I would never have seen all the random hot guys that are from different continents…. although the German’s sometimes come to me… That’s a scray exhilerating thought. Oh, and sad face. My sexy german guy moved back to Germany :*( Now I don’t have a hot foreign dude to stare at while writing my book about a hot german guy. Sad face :(. No seriously, I am a woman of opportunity. I CAN”T TAKE IT ANY MORE! Okay, yeah I can. I’m just going to settle down, write some of my book, get it out of my system, watch another relationship fail… and then I’ll be a-o-k. Yeah, there’s a slim chance of that happening. Oh well, just the thought of writing my book makes me calm down. I also feel like writing a book about a dude that gets shot in the head by an angry floating CMP130…. lol! FYI, yes I made that gun up…. at least I’m pretty sure I did…. okay, so I have two weaknesses. Foreign men and Morbidity. That’s wrong on so many different levels…. oh my gosh I can’t believe I’m confessing this for everyone to read.


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4 Responses to What the….

  1. Eitan says:

    *kicks the above poster in the face*

  2. flippedinsideout says:

    *starts to leave a comment and then decides against it*

  3. totallysurrendered says:

    *offers first poster a kleenex for bloody nose*

    Dude,this is my blog, not a freaking bar. No bar brawls. And I can understand all of you guys’ reactions…. I share them.

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