to have a profoundly tender, passionate affection for (another person).

to have a strong liking for; take great pleasure in

to need or require; benefit greatly from

There ya go, my three favorite definitions for Love. 

Most popular definition of love: You know you’re in love when you can’t sleep because reality is better then dreams.

In case you haven’t noticed yet, I have a different definition of love. Many of you have heard me say that I don’t believe in love. To some extent it’s very true. I don’t believe in the kind of love that makes girls lose sleep, or the kind of love that people ruin their future’s for. The love that makes a girl do something she doesn’t want to do just to make it happy. The love that makes a girl murder her own child because love will get mad. The love that steals what is most beautiful and precious and takes it and twists it into a deformed mass of ruin. I don’t believe in that love… In fact that isn’t even love. That’s the world’s perception of what they want to be love. Well, I have a little surprise quiz for you.


Write your answers on a seperate piece of paper.

1)You’re walking down the street with the man of your dreams and suddenly a psycho axe murderer pops out in front of you, demanding one of you dies. Would you die in his stead?

2)You get a call in the middle of an all-girls night, the man of your dreams is crying. What do you do? 

3)The man of your dreams just died, are you still alive?

If you love him, the answers should be 1)Yes. 2)my pain is his pain. explain to the girls and go comfort my man. 3)no.

The true definition of love doesn’t say anything about Sex, being a fool, silly infatuation, or whatever tag you put onto love when you hear the word. In the world’s eyes, I’m incapable of love. I CAN”T have a silly infatuation. I CAN”T be a fool over someone. My reason will never leave me no matter how much I want a relationship to work. I can never “love” someone enough to trash my morals and values just to make us feel good for a short time. Love is the part where you don’t have to do anything for them, and they don’t have anything to do for you. Love is where you will give anything for the better of them and expect nothing in return. It’s where you lay everything on the line for them and trust that they’re not going to trash it. 

The truth comes out: I’m in love, and It’s because of that that I look at what everyone calls love and I feel… compassionate… because there are so many people who want to fill a hole in their life with love, but they can’t because honest and true love can’t be found in this world. No one is perfect. everyone falls short of what’s expected in some way or the other. Nothing less then perfect can fill the whole in everyone’s heart. But I’m in love with the only perfect man to ever have walked the earth.

To be honest, I’m having a very…. distracting conversation right now. So if my thoughts aren’t completed… just holler and I’ll finish the thought for ya.

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2 Responses to Love?

  1. flippedinsideout says:

    I love that the last two days when I have checked your blog I have had something new to read! =)

    I think there is another aspect to the earthly kind of love you referred to; no, there will never be a perfect person this side of heaven for us to love and trust completely. On the same token, Jesus spent His entire life loving people who would never return that love. He spent His whole life only to die for the life some would never receive. He spent all of His life loving those who would, as you put it, “screw Him over”.

    I admire your position on not being capable of letting infatuation take hold, and not being capable of becoming a fool for someone you care very deeply about. I used to feel that way too. I didn’t think it was possible. Then it happened. I’m stronger now, because of it, but the fact of the matter is I didn’t think it was possible either. I didn’t understand how people could stay in abusive relationships and not see that it was only causing them harm and the other person wasn’t going to change. I didn’t understand fully the term “love is blind”. I understand much more now than I would have liked.

    But it just makes the love of Jesus that much more precious. He loved me enough to die for me, but He also loved me enough to “kill” me. I must die daily to the things of the world and choose to follow Him, and not the crowd. I must choose to follow Him and not the people I love. I must choose to follow Him and not the people who say I’m going to die an old maid. I must choose, each and every day, that Jesus is the most important Person in my life, and He will never let me down. That doesn’t mean He will never “hurt” me – sometimes He asks me to do things that cause a lot of personal pain- but He always has my best at heart, even through the pain. Refined by fire, purned like a vine, clay molded by a Potter – none of those are “comfortable” places to be, but it is the end result that makes it all worth it. The gold that comes from the mire being refined; the healthy, fruit-bearing plant that only comes from being pruned; the pot that comes from being molded, smashed, guided, and fired. The end result is beauty of the best kind.

    Sorry I kinda went off. I guess I needed to get all that out too. :)
    Have a great day, babe. I love you!

  2. mang2 says:

    “loved me enough to ‘kill’ me”. I think that’s a pretty crazy idea……. though it’s illustrated well in X-men III. SPOILERS!!!! If you haven’t seen X III and intend to, don’t read on. Anyway, Wolverine kills Jean…… now the question is, was it because he wanted to save the world, or was it because he loved her? Of course, that ambiguity is never solved straight out, but if you love someone so much, why would you kill them? My idea is that you kill them because they have become something bad……. but they can’t see it. We could not comprehend the sinfulness we had fallen into, so Jesus, in His all-knowing love, killed us. Now, what were we? We were dead in our sins, full of worldly lusts. So Jesus killed us, and gave us new life. He killed us out of love because we could not kill ourselves, nor ask Him to do it.
    That’s just what I thought up right now………. it is untested and unproven! Great, now you have Aaron’s thought-spew all over your comment! :) That’s the best I can see it right now.

    As to the worldly love you spoke of, Grace……. I call it lust.

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