Lazy Monday: Momentous vs. Trivial

Momentous: Huge, Significant, Important. e.g. The decision to drop the atomic bomb, The creation of the universe, The destruction of the dinosaurs, Christ’s death and resurrection…

Trivial: not momentous. e.g. What you had for lunch(hopefully), who won the superbowl, how much wood a woodchuck could chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood,…

My decision to cut my hair….

Granted I haven’t cut my hair in four years and it WAS down to my natural waist, but let’s be real…. Who cares if my hair is long or short. Well aside from me and my future sister-in-law….

I’ve been thinking about cutting my hair ever since the beginning of March when my sister got married. She said “Nope, you aren’t chopping your hair off before my wedding!” So I didn’t do it then…. Well lately I’ve been on an Elizabeth McGovern kick and she has the exact hair I wanted…. so my desires to cut my hair were once again aroused.

Tim proposed to Joanna, who was in fact the person I entrusted with the task of smacking me in the face if I ever seriously thought about cutting my hair. Well considering she will be marrying my brother I asked her if I could cut my hair before her wedding. She gave her blessing instead of smacking me like I’d asked her to do. I agonized for about two weeks and finally this morning… well…

This happened.




Do I like it? I don’t know. Do I regret it? I really don’t know. Do I miss my long hair? Yes. Does it make me almost want to start sobbing when I see those ponytails that some child will eventually wear? YES! A thousand times yes! And I’m selfish. I want to attach those back to my own hair. But I can’t. It’s done…. Oh well….. it’ll grow back.

I’m getting a fresh start without damage. I should be happy. Well I am. Kind of.

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