Feminism is Whack

I was intending to post this a week or so ago because of a paper I had to write in French, but the proverbial stuff has kind of hit the fan with dead week and everything so I’ve taken the time out now to write about something that I feel pretty strongly about.

Gender roles. And how much I disagree with feminists. Because feminism is whack.

That’s right.

Feminism is whack.

Part of this was brought on by my coworker acting inappropriately to me and having this inner struggle of “do I go against my morals and report him, henceforth basically ruining his life, or do I take him out back and make sure he never has children?”…

Have no fear, dear readers, I did the adult thing and had a serious discussion with him about how he was being inappropriate. It was successful. He apologized(profusely) and the rest is history. But this brings up a fundamental problem that I have with feminists.

Feminists would rather ruin a man’s life for something he may or may not be aware that he did, than have a serious conversation about it with said man. When was the first option getting the guy fired? Why are feminists so dead set against telling a man “Hey tiger, hold your horses! You’re making me uncomfortable.”

or in my case “I’d rather you not socialize in that manner”…. not those words exactly…. at all…. but that’s the gist of it.

Sometimes as women we have to tell people how we feel. We can’t assume people can read out minds. And I would argue that a lot of the “Sexual harassment” that happens in the workplace is just people being too familiar in their joking or reading a woman’s body language wrong and thinking there’s something there that isn’t.

But feminists are the least understanding people I know. If a guy pats them on the back at work it’s “Omigod he’s sexually harassing me, I’m going to tell my manager!!!” when really he’s just a friendly guy that shows his friendship through touch. It happens, people. If it really bothers you than tell him! Don’t get him fired. Don’t do it.

Granted there is a time and a place for telling the manager and workplace sexual harassment is nothing to be taken lightly, but for pete’s sake don’t abuse it! Those poor men who communicate through touch…

Anyway I also had to write this paper on if the Beauty and the Beast(the original French novel) is sexist. My first thought was “No, it’s not. Belle is an extremely independent woman who has control of her destiny. If I had Belle’s life I would be perfectly happy and I wouldn’t feel like I was being suppressed by men at all…”

Then I thought about the men in the story.

If you haven’t read it, which I’m sure you haven’t, I’ll tell you.

They’re pansies.

They cry instead of act, they’re easily manipulated, the brothers and father let Belle go to her death. They originally think that they’ll kill the beast but the dad is like “No he’s too strong” so they’re like “Damn I guess we’re just going to have to sit at home and cry instead.”

Put blatantly… These men have no balls.

Which, if you think about pop culture these days, is a reoccurring theme when it comes to the portrayal of men. They either have no balls or they’re some kind of raging beast that only cares about sex and violence.

::bunny trail:: you wanna know who can only think about sex and violence? Women. Just watch a group of fangirls and you will hear things that no matter how hard you try, you will never forget. And women are shameless. “Oh, I’m a woman and I’m being objectified by men so it’s okay if I shamelessly lust after men. After centuries of being a possession for men to acquire it’s about time I had my fun.”

No. Just no.

::disclaimer:: when I say these things about women, I am in fact including myself in this generalization. It turns out that lust doesn’t discriminate based on gender.

Stick that in your juice box and have a snack, feminists.

But basically our culture glorifies cowardly men and condemns men who do what they feel they are obligated to do. Men tend to protect the women in their lives. For example, a marine was NJP’d for voluntary man slaughter because he literally beat to death the man who was trying to rape his sister(Not condoning murder here…) The difference between a man and a woman is that a woman when faced with the decision of fight or flight will most likely pick flight where a man will most likely pick fight. So if you have two groups in a fight the women get the heck out of dodge and the men duke it out…

It’s how we’re wired.

But feminists say “I want to fight for myself!”
Okay. It’s your funeral.

Testosterone helps with the development of big muscles. Women don’t have much testosterone. Men have a lot of it. if the man wants to break some noses to keep me safe I’m not going to complain. Break away, my friend. I’ll be over in that diner calling the police.

Anyways. Feminists throw these nasty terms around-

::tangent:: my least favorite one that I’ve heard is “Raw, black, sexual aggression(referring to Herman Cain)” Really? Racist and sexist at the same time! And you say you’re the tolerant one…

-and the result is a bunch of men who are afraid to defend themselves and their women for fear of being called a sexist pig, and a bunch of men who are afraid to ask a girl out for fear that she’ll make a fool out of him.

Basically men are becoming women. And it’s not attractive. I don’t like how society portrays men and I don’t like how men are becoming because of this portrayal.


and ask her on a freaking date, you pansy.

(And people wonder why I’m still single…. well I guess we know now)

That is all. I love you all, comment with your thoughts on gender roles and how effed up our society is. Follow me on ze tweeters @totalsurrender. If you’re a man, BE A MAN! You have my support. If I were a lawyer I would stand up for your masculinity in court…. But I’m not… So I’ll just… yeah. Blog about it I guess. If you’re a woman, communicate with the men in your life. Tell them you appreciate them as men.


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3 Responses to Feminism is Whack

  1. Sara says:

    I am currently taking a women’s studies course which, while I disagree sometimes, brings up some valid points I believe you have failed to address. Feminism is not, whatever you believe, the empowerment of women. It is the empowerment of all who are held beneath a hegemonic masculinity. Men in sitcoms are laughed at, not glorified, when they act wimpy or effeminate. That is because the alpha male, domineering and ‘ballsy’, as you like, is revered and to see them deviate from it is ridiculous (worthy of ridicule). Feminism, in terms of men, seeks not only the empowerment and equality of women, but the liberation of men who do not want to dominate or lead or take risks without seeking advice. A man is still worthy of his manhood regardless of his bookish or gamer tendencies, be he heterosexual or homosexual. The ‘feminazis’ are to feminism what the Westboro Baptist Church is to Christianity. They give us a bad name. True feminists are conscious of the words they say and act with respectful determination towards everyone, whether they are for or against them.

  2. bekahcubed says:

    Oh, wow. That is, um, quite a post, Gracie-girl. I agree with you that male and female roles are terribly confused in this present day-and I do believe that second and third wave feminism (coupled with the sexual revolution, which I have long declared the worst thing besides sin that ever happened to women) are largely responsible.

    You did make some generalizations that may open you up to criticism, though. But, what are rants for, anyhow?

    Love you!

  3. Gracie says:

    Stay tuned for my follow-up post :D I didn’t do a very good job of defining my own stance on this issue and I feel like once I clear that up it will make a little more sense. Sometimes I forget that people don’t know me like the back of their hand.

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