Thankful Almost Thursday

My Rebekah always does really clever and witty Thankful Thursday posts which strike envy and inspiration in my hearts. Envy because I never remember to post on Thursday and inspiration because there’s a lot to be thankful for. Well today it isn’t quite Thursday, but I have a post and I have a moral issue with delaying publishment, so here it is. My thankful almost thursday post.

I am thankful for

Water, because I get really really thirsty and I had the feeling today of needing water so bad I almost got out of the car and drank from the sprinklers sprinkling the golf course. Then I got home a few seconds later and drank a water bottle of water and it was amazing.

Rain, because the earth is dry and really needs it as do the farmers and the people who shop at grocery stores.

Dreams, because they give me hope for the future.

A Job, because college is expensive and life is expensive.

An incredible church that sent me a letter thanking me for my excruciating and amazing act of letting go and trusting God.

Most importantly

I’m thankful for my God, who pursues me like He thinks I’m worth it. Relentlessly, Desperately, Intimately pursues me. Like nobody else can.

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