My Love-Hate Relationship

Here’s another insomnia induced post. As you may or may not know(I have no idea what I’ve posted about) I took my last piano lesson ever a few months ago. Considering I’ve been taking lessons since I was 6 years old, this is huge. After 12 years, 2 teachers, and 9 students, I’m completely done with piano. Teaching and learning alike. So for the past few months I’ve been kind of lost as to what I should be doing piano-wise.

Well the other day I sat down and sightread some stuff and I’ve rekindled my love of piano..

Well yesterday I cut my fingernails too short and now the tips of my fingers hurt really bad.

Busting my butt over this chord.

And then there’s stuff like this magnificent chord which perfectly thrills me to the core because it’s utterly impossible yet so deliciously within reach. It makes me want to blow my brains out while eagerly listening to the sweet sound of dissonance and triumph in perfect harmony.

I’m clearly insane.

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