Pop Goes the Proverbial Balloon

Mkay so you know how in high school they make you take psychology/human behavior classes and there’s always a unit on stress? Well when I took HB how I understood stress is that most of it is situational and your stress level is not necessarily correlated with how much you’re freaking out or how you feel about yourself. I also learned in that class that I have a certain knack for dealing with stress. as in. Stress doesn’t bother me much. I deal with it. I don’t let myself freak out.

Well yesterday I started my new job in a different city the day after orientation at my new college because last week I graduated from high school. Speaking of situational stress, let’s look at what I’ve got on my plate:

1. New Job
2. New Home
3. New City
4. New Friends
5. New School
6. A lot of life decisions(what do I major in? How long do I stay in undergrad? Should I get a bachelors before going into nursing school? Accelerated nursing program or no?)
7. I’m in debt. For the first time in my life I’m working to make all the ends meet.

If you’re wondering why I haven’t blogged in a while, this is why. I’ve been really preoccupied with life. Too busy with things happening to tell you all about it. But whatever, back to the story.

sidenote: I hate how boring my blog has become. I need to rant about something or tell a funny story….

Yesterday I started my new job as a CNA and it’s company policy to have a TB test before you start working. So I went to work and got ready for my TB shot. I’m not nervous per say, I just don’t like needles. At all. But as needles go, this needle isn’t so bad. I don’t feel it go in, I watch as a mosquito bite lookin’ thing appears under my skin. It’s a little freaky, but I’m cool with it. Kind of fascinated. Like wooooaaaaah dude. Yep. The needle comes out and I lose my head. yeah baby, I’m about to faint. Luckily for me, I’m not a stranger to the feeling of about to faint as I’ve done it a few times. So I hunch down so I’m sitting on my heels and put my head down. People are asking if I’m okay and I’m just like “I’m gonna faint.”

I felt super rude cuz I was giving short, monotone answers when people tried to get to know me, but geez guys, I’m about to faint over here! But after sitting there for what felt like a really freakishly long time, I got up and did my job.

What befuddles me is why I felt faint. Last time I had my blood drawn I watched it happen. I watched my blood leave my body. I gave blood. Granted I fainted after that, but that was from a combination of hypovolemia and not eating enough breakfast…

So I hypothesize that it was either the mosquito bite thing(which was basically the fluid she was injecting under my skin pooled to make a bump) or the stress. who knows? Probably the mosquito bite. But I’m reflecting on the stress and thinking that perhaps my stress balloon is a bit too full, even though it’s full of a bunch of really good things that I’m very happy about. I love my life right now. I miss my parents, but that’s normal…

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