Not What They Seem

The older I get the more I realize that people are almost never as they seem. Me and Joannaaaaa were out strutting downtown a few days ago and it was really hot out. So we wore as little clothes as possible. Me in my miniskirt, Jo in her strapless shirt… We were trollin in the hipster area so it wasn’t so bad. But we got to talking about how we didn’t exactly look like christians at the moment… So I got to thinking about myself and about what defines me and about all the people I’ve meet in my day that looked like they would be good people but the were terrible people and all the people who looked terrible but ended up being awesome.

Story of my life bro.

Maybe the standard is all messed up. Maybe the genuine people are the ones with their ugly side hanging out. Who wants to be around a prick who won’t admit they’re flawed anyway. yep… the random musings of the teenaged mind….

I didn’t go to prom on Saturday. Yep…. I don’t regret it. next time I wear a fluffy dress will be at a wedding… Maybe my own. Who knows.

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