Highschool… need I say more?

Okay, so here I am just finishing my second day of Public School…. I like my teachers… I hate one of my classes. Geometry sucks!!! I feel like such an idiot in geometry because I was homeschooled and I didn’t really learn Algebra I that well. I can do the math, I’m just not that confident in it. At least we’re doing retarded easy stuff to start off. Or, I should say, Nice Easy stuff. Well, for all you worried people, I’m transitioning well into Public School. I know where all my classes are, and I don’t hate any teachers THAT much.. yet…. What I hate the most is slow people. They bring out the worst in me! I almost cussed at some slow people today…. I’ve decided that it’s a good thing I have geometry in 7th period. That means only John Johnny and Tim get the bad mood that results from geometry, not the whole school.

I took a couple naps today…. Naps are good.

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2 Responses to Highschool… need I say more?

  1. Rebekah says:

    I’m sorry you don’t feel that great about Algebra I–or about Geometry this year. But don’t give up on yourself so quickly. Remember that one class I took that I quit after one semester because I thought I was doing horribly in it? Physics? Remember that I got an A for the semester? Maybe you don’t remember. But anyway, don’t resolve upon hating geometry from the start–give yourself opportunity to like it, or at least to do well in it.

    Love ya, babe.

  2. mangsta2 says:

    Luckily, there aren’t enough people in my school to get stuck behind. :) You can’t bring your instrument home, can you? I have to haul a bunch of junk there and back every day…. I’m working on a way around it.
    Glad to hear that it’s going well! I’m not too confident in geometry either. Grr.

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