Snow days (grrrr….)

Okay, here’s my annoyance. It’s is the beginning of January and I am currently enjoying the LAST snow day that my school has planned for in order to finish the year on time. And tomorrow is expected to be a snow day too… and finals are next week! And we haven’t reviewed AT ALL in any of my classes. This is annoying to me because I actually try in school. The stress of normal every day finals is multiplied exponentially by the fact that I’m prone to freaking out and the fact that I AM NOT PREPARED!!!!!!!! I’m kind of more then slightly annoyed at the snow.

But, I have to admit that the snow day today is proof that Jesus loves me to some extent. My day yesterday was like this: wake up at 7:15. leave the house at 7:30 am. Get to school at 7:56am(4 minutes before class starts.) walk into first period 4 minutes late at 8:04am. Amass homework throughout the day until 2:55 pm. Go to penned club where we shared much joy about being published!!!!!(Yay!!!!!). 3:15 pm-ish I walk into show choir rehearsal. I dance like there’s no tomorrow(a.k.a. stand around like there isn’t anything better to do [a.k.a. NOT DOING HOMEWORK!!!!!!]) at 5:30pm I finally leave school. I come home, do French homework. eat supper with my family. Check facebook, take a shower and hit the sack. at 8pm…. shortly before the sleeping part of my day, I set my alarm for 5:30am in the interests of getting the undone homework done. At I don’t know when, my mom rouses me to a half awake state of consciousness to inform me that there wasn’t school today. I shut off my alarm and sleep until the blessed time of 10 am. as of right now, my homework is yet undone. and I don’t have Youth Group tonight. Fail.

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