Business in the front, party in the back

yay for mullets!!!! To be honest, mullets are the most hideous things I’ve ever seen. honestly, if you want to look like a complete and total moron, just go everywhere naked, honestly, why go half way? No offense to you mullet sporting hotties out there, but seriously, mullets were so thirty years ago.

Now that I’ve proved my honest sincerity(I have said so four times already), I’m going to get to the real analogy. lives are like mullets… well, some lives are. you put on this wonderful facade of a life that everyone who is looking merely at the front can see. a facade that shows how serious and honest and businesslike one can be…. but beyond it all there is an ugly raggedy shock of mess that no amount of trimming can hide. yes, gentle readers of this blog, I know what you’ve been hiding underneath all those brave lies. Everyone has made mistakes at some point in their life. It’s a common human failing that is nigh-on impossible to avoid. everyone has that one vice that no matter how hard they try, they can’t get rid of it of their own power. everyone has that insane little voice inside their head that is constantly telling them to let loose and do that one thing that they have wanted to do for the longest time, but haven’t gotten the courage to do.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not condoning licentious behaviour…. quite the opposite… did not you read the first part of this post??? the part where I said that mullets are the most hideous things ever? either my first or second year of dare 2 Share Greg steir said something that I found pretty profound. “If you’re not going to give God all you’ve got, then why even try? Go for it! Go out! Get laid, get drunk!”

I look at it kind of like the army. In the army you have to have a specific hair cut… Am I right? of course I’m right. With God you also have to have a specific hair cut… a.k.a. NO MULLETS ALOUD!!!!!! If you’re gonna break the rules and have your hair long in the back and short in the front…. well, why look like a complete and utter nimrod just for the sake of breaking the rules? You’ve already broken the rules, why not have a haircut that actually looks GOOD? I’m not saying that I like long hair or people that go all out, but I find that I respect those people more then I do the mullet types. honestly, since when do we respect people for sitting on the fence? Are you with God or not?

I’m  not going to lie, I’m a frequent fence sitter, mullet wearer, half-way goer… I don’t like change… and when God or fashion maves forward, I’m reluctant to follow…. and the result is usually my mask moves forward without me and I”m left hideously exposed… Exposed for what I truly am. I’m not going to spill all of my epic failings, because frankly, I’m not in the mood for crying, but I will tell you that it’s the times that we feel so secure behind our masks that we’re most likely to fall on our butts. The rediculous part is when you completely ignore God(the business side) and are all party…. and then when the back of your mullet gets chopped off by a weed-whacker we find ourselves screaming “God!!! God!!!! Where are you God!!!!!”. I admit, I did this recently. I was living for myself, I fell on my butt, I blamed God for leaving me… and now I realize just how much of a fool I’ve been. Yes, gentle reader, we are all utterly foolish. Because no matter how hard we try to please ourselves, it will always land us right where we started…. in a big heap of crap. Don’t get discouraged though! There is a bright side to this… God is willing to give us a free hair-cut. all we have to do is get over the phantom pains of our missing locks.

God be the solution.

690 words from the teenage mind.


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  1. bekahcubed says:

    I’m not going to lie, I’m a frequent fence sitter, mullet wearer, half-way goer…

    Aren’t we all–but, by the grace of God, He still labours to conform us to His image (an image that is decidedly not “mulletish”)

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