Hello all!

To start off my blog, I want to tell you a little bit about me.

My name is Grace Menter. I live in a red brick house with my four brothers(Joshua, Daniel, John, and Timothy), and my awesome parents(Mom and Dad). The townhouse behind our house, houses my two sisters(Anna and Rebekah) and their roommate(Casandra). I am active in my church(LCF). Among the many things I do for my church, my favorites are Playing the piano for the Youth Group(Z-360), and working in the Nursery. I have been playing Piano for almost eight years….

I love God more than anything in and out of the world. My one purpose in life is to be who God wants me to be. Over the past few weeks God has been showing me things about his plan for my life. In typical human way, I don’t like most of it. I’ve been learning to totally surrender myself to God, and let him change the desires of my heart to match His. When I look back I can see how my desires have changed, and when I look forward I see how much farther they have to go. As my dearest Casandra says, sometimes you have to go through a lot of fire to get to the gold(that’s a summary, not a direct quote). So, as I strive toward total surrender, I will be writing little notes to share what’s been goin’ on in my life.

In Christ~Grace

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4 Responses to Hello all!

  1. Rebekah says:

    Welcome, my dear. Is this a case of “only bloggers read blogs, so I must become a blogger”?

  2. totallysurrendered says:

    No, this is a case of “Blogs are pretty cool, I think I’ll get one.” and I can say nice things about my family in a blog.

  3. flippedinsideout says:

    :-) How very kind of you! I’m glad you finally commented on my blog, because I couldn’t find yours, and Bekah’s was having issues.
    To make it even cooler, you could link to all the pages of the things you were referencing. (ours blogs, the church’s website, etc.)

    *raises glass* Here’s to the refining fire and our God who is faithful through it all!

    I love you, Kiddo!

  4. boyerling3 says:

    Welcome Grace, my blog is just a couple days older than yours!

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