Day Thirty-Seven: Quality Time

WIN_20140712_203427At the beginning of the summer I took the love language test because a bunch of my roommates were asking about it and I hadn’t taken it in a while and had forgotten what my top languages were. Unsurprisingly quality time came up as my top one.

What you see in the image above is a taste of 90 minutes of quality time with God. It’s crazy but it didn’t really register to me that since I love God I will show my love to him by spending time with him. I don’t know I guess in words that sounds like Christianity 101, but it’s just sinking in this summer. I’m learning what the Psalmist is talking about when he talks about loving the words of the Lord and them being as sweet as honey. Truly, meditating on the words of my God is a delight. I am so thankful that I have the Bible in my own language and that I can dwell on the words of God and memorize them and wrestle with them in my heart. I am so blessed.


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