Utterly Hopeless

I’m currently trapped between dead week and finals week. I was just studying at IHOP until literally just now. Someone paid for our food so that was really amazing…

I’m very exhausted, which means I have no filter and no self-restraint…. Which is probably my God given protection against pride.

I’m a hopeless sinner.

Completely and utterly hopeless.

I’m snarky, rude, and I am the literal least charitable person on the face of the planet. When I’m exhausted and crabby I get silly and I get sinner-y.

So just in case you thought I was perfect(which I’ve given you no reason to think that, but you know. Sometimes people think weird things) I will tell you with complete and utter hopeless abandon that I’m a dirty rotten sinner. I don’t deserve any of the wonderful things that have happened, are happening, and will happen. I just really don’t.

Hallelujah I serve a God who doesn’t judge me based on the things I do. A God who is willing to overlook all my sin, to forgive me, to give me a perfect record, to declare me as clean. A God who longs to pardon me. Who aches to give me hope– to be my hope.

That is all.

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