The Secret to Contentment

They say inspiration strikes at the most inopportune times(Well I say that) and this is an exact case of that. I have probably the biggest final I’ve ever had in my life in a little under two days, I haven’t studied nearly enough for it, and something brilliant just came to me in the shower. So like all good students, I’m studying for criminal justice… HAH!

Now as a few-months-shy-of-twenty teen you’re all probably reading the title of my post and thinking “What the heck does she know about contentment?”

Well. It’s not very easy being a college student who actually wants the career she’s studying for. It’s not easy being the youngest of seven kids when all your best friends are marrying your brothers, leading to the coupling and giggling and disgusting girl things that make me want to vomit. Like cuddling. Who came up with cuddling anyway? I digress. It’s not easy being a severe introvert and still living with the parentals at 20(especially when I was dead set on moving out right when I turned 18). It’s not easy having a heart for the nations but no means of getting there.

Did you know that no matter how “rich” a person is, they never see themselves as rich. I went to school with a bunch of rich kids and they all said “we’re not rich, those kids down south are rich.” and the kids down south say “We’re not rich, those kids over east are rich.” I say “Oh we’re not rich, those people at east and south are rich.” But people who grew up downtown are saying “Wow, Grace is so rich.” This isn’t isolated to my experience, there are studies that show that it doesn’t matter where on the social class totem pole an individual is, they’re always looking at the next person up and saying “Oh no, I’m not rich, that person is.”

I’m not rich. I work 20 hours a week in order to pay tuition to work another 20 hours a week in order to graduate from nursing school with a degree that says I can work 50 hours a week. I live with my parents, I drive a junky car, I work three jobs, I barely sleep, I barely eat, I am definitely not rich.

And yet I am. I am one of the richest people on the face of the planet.

The secret to contentment is thanks given to the one who deserves it.

I go to college. I know what I want to be when I leave college. I have guaranteed admission to my dream nursing school provided I keep my GPA up. I have the tenacity to keep my GPA up. My parents put up with me. I don’t have to pay rent. I haven’t been kicked out of my parents house because of my snotty, stressed out, childish, dead-week behavior. I’m already working in the field I want to be in. I love my job. I really love my job. My two jobs are the direct provision of my heavenly father who gives me exactly what I need. I have a heavenly father who keeps me away from things that I want, but would harm me in the long run.  I am the bride of one who is capable of fulfilling every desire. I am the bride of one who desires to fulfill my every desire. I belong to the Healer. I belong to the Forgiver. I belong to the Lover. I belong to the One who gives rest. I can hold the hand that holds the world…

Yeah, I’m single. I don’t care. Yeah, I’m still living at home. So what? Yeah I don’t ever sleep. I can sleep when I’m dead. Yeah I might fail those finals I have. Yeah I might die in a plane crash. Yeah I might never hold my own kids or walk down the aisle. But who cares? I am so richWhy would I begrudge a few coins when I’m Smaug in his dragon cave?

A final thought: Why are you even discontented? Is it because you desire something good, or is it because there’s a sin in your life that you aren’t giving over to God? Perhaps the desire for a spouse is actually lust. Perhaps the hatred for your job is actually pride. Perhaps the reason why you aren’t happy living with your parents is because you refuse to forgive. Think about it.


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