Hi guys, so I just kinda lied earlier about the whole nothing to say thing. Turns out my fingers still work even though the rest of my body is completely dead.

So I just thought I’d address something that’s been bothering me ever since it happened. And that would be the Trayvon Martin thing. I’m not going to spew my opinion on whether or not he was murdered or if it was self defense or whatever…. that’s not my area of expertise…. I don’t really HAVE an area of expertise…. but from how I see it…

Well here’s what I think.

I think that all these people that are all “It’s a hate crime! He was only killed because he was black! Bla bla bla!!!” Need to get over themselves. Seriously people. First of all, he was killed by a hispanic dude, so don’t even blame it on “white supremacy” cuz no white person was involved in the situation. Second of all, racism doesn’t just go one way. The civil rights movement was based on all men being created equal. That there was and is no difference between black and white… or hispanic or asian or etc. (Sorry if I offend you liberals out there by not using the politically correct term. It’s hard to keep track of all the names you people give human beings)

The other day I was sitting in my choir class and listening to a rather disconcerting conversation about whether or not my school is racist. All the liberals were all “OMG it’s sooooo racist here!!!” and these people were also white. and I was like hey, this isn’t right. We should ask a black person if they think that this school is racist. So I looked to my friend who was sitting next to me and for the first time in my life it hit me that some people might treat her differently because she’s from Ethiopia. well… because she’s black. Sure I noticed that she’s a different color than I am, but I noticed that like I would notice the color of someone’s hair or the color of their eyes…. She’s human and so am I…. what’s the big deal?

So I turned to her and I said “Do you think that we’re racist here?” and she said “No. Everyone is nice and they treat me like they would treat anyone.”

now I can understand why someone might think that racism would be a problem at my school considering we’re a predominantly white school. And I don’t mean anything but black, I mean white. As in European Americans…. But it’s not a problem. If there were black people at my school then I would treat them the same way as I treat anyone else. It’s not my fault I go to a predominantly white school…. And sending all the black and hispanic and etc. kids that got expelled from other schools to our school just to get our diversity numbers up doesn’t really do much for our racism problem. I don’t generally get along with the types of people who get expelled…. and if the only contact I get with minority groups is the scum of the earth…. well how will that affect my opinion of that “minority group”? Probably didn’t think of that, didn’t you.

Anyways, back to Trayvon. I feel like this whole murder thing wouldn’t even be a big news splash if he wasn’t black. How I see it, a college guy and a teenager got into a tussle and one ended up with a broken nose and one ended up dead. Worse things happen on the streets every day. As far as tragedies go, this doesn’t really top the list. So why is it a big deal? “OOOOOHHHH Racism!!!!!” hmmmm…. Well honestly, the only person who can’t see past Trayvon Martin’s skin color is you. You aren’t honoring him by pushing for an investigation, you’re pointing at his skin and saying “look a black kid was killed!”. No. A young man was killed. An even worse tragedy if you think about it.

But. Frankly I’m tired of the pointing of fingers. I long for the day when I can go and hang out with peoples of all nations and not once have the word “race” even thought of.

Oh and while I’m on the topic, who says that differences in skin color are bad? Why can’t we celebrate the differences? I am pasty white and I burn like none other. And I don’t even look that good. Black people are lucky. They have beautiful dark skin. They don’t freckle. They don’t have to worry about sunburns as much as someone like me… And here “Oh crap, Grace is pointing out their skin color.”

People. It’s just like hair color. It’s just like eye color. No freaking out when I say I wish I was blonde or I wish I had green eyes….

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  1. OMC I Got a Belly button says:

    A few things I like to add. From what I’ve seen and experienced on the streets is that racism isn’t only directed at majority minority groups, its aimed in every direction. I’ve seen fights with Mexicans and blacks all the time, as well as the occasional Asian. Everybody hates everybody for looking different and acting different.
    I’m appalled that this is getting national attention! It blows my mind. Out of the hundreds of murders of a specific that happen in America, this one in particular is getting attention. You’re freaking awesome Gracie. Pickles

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