Day Eight: Demon Strangler


Funny story behind this picture. We were walking to the neighborhood grocer when literally 30 seconds before we walked past this “Beware of Dog” sign we were startled out of our socks by a very large dog who had been hiding in the bushes. There was a fence between us and the dog so it was fine, but it was terrifying. And then we walked by this sign and there was just a little tiny dog so we decided to get a picture. Or rather I did. Oh the irony!

As I was doing my Perspectives homework this afternoon I found one thing rather amusing/astonishing/amazing. I guess in Mark 1:25 Jesus tells that demon to be silent and the literal translation of the Greek word is “be strangled”. So basically Jesus strangled a demon. Jesus is a demon strangler. If that doesn’t make you respect him a little bit more than I don’t even know what will impress you.

Anyways that article was written by this guy Gregory A. Boyd, and later he states “In the light of Jesus’ view of the kingdom of God, it seems highly peculiar that many New Testament scholars over the past several hundred years have concluded that the historical Jesus was, in one way or another, simply a moral teacher.” I agree. Moral teachers don’t strangle demons.

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