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On Iraq, My Birthday, and Ketchup

On Iraq I have always prided myself in my ability to understand abstract ideas… to pick apart logic and find a solution. One thing I will never understand is the liberal mind. It’s too twisted… It’s convoluted. I have this … Continue reading

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A bit more about me….(One of those random quizzes you ge tover facebook)

A – Age: 14(three days away from 15!) – Annoyance: Ignorance – Animal: ick B – Beer: smells bad. – Birthday: March 22nd, 1994 – Best Friend(s): Jesus – Body Part on opposite sex: eyes – Best feeling in the … Continue reading

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What’s been goin’ on.

Well, dare 2 share was last weekend. It was pretty fun…. The drama was… potent. It was about this girl and she was trapped in a room with these two demons who kept on telling her lies about how she’s … Continue reading

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