Day Three: And There Was Much Rejoicing


There be a picture of my living quarters. It’s a little tight, but it’s starting to feel like my space. I mean I have my soft green blanket, how can it be anyone’s but mine. You may also notice I’m a little bit more red than yesterday. I will explain why presently.

Today we had our first day of evangelism. Which is awesome and terrifying at the same time, right? So yeah this morning we went over the bridge illustration, got into groups, and when to college campuses to witness to random students. I didn’t put on sunscreen, hence the red face. But it was so worth it.

Because my my partner and I led a young woman to Christ this afternoon. Somehow, despite our fumblings and mumblings(mostly on my part) God used us to save her.


Coming off of this experience, I am so excited for the next six times we go out and evangelize. Seriously, God is so powerful and he just does what he wants. Period. And if he wants to use you to speak his truth to someone there’s no amount of stuttering that can thwart his plan.

Now the really awesome part is that I am already seeing application for when I get back to school in the fall. Every year at the beginning of fall semester the navs does a huge recruitment thing where we get people to fill out a spiritual interest survey and later follow up to invite them to nav weekly meetings as well as to share the very same bridge illustration with them. I’m not going to lie, last year as I was following up I completely fudged the whole sharing the gospel thing. Talking about Jesus can be really scary. But the thing that I learned today is that it is SO REWARDING!!!!

The first lady I talked to this morning just shut me down. I wasn’t even able to finish the illustration. I could have stopped right then and been like “Yeah, this just isn’t for me.” But she didn’t! I did talk to that second person, and she came to Christ! Now I am just so stoked to go take this new found perspective back to Nebraska.

Additionally we started learning about the inductive method of studying the bible. To be perfectly honest, this is kind of the way that we did the Romans study with navs, only not quite. It’s a little different. But seriously I am so excited to learn this method. It’s so thorough and deep! I am just so excited to dive into God’s word. So excited.

However, I am sunburnt and I’ve had a few adrenaline rushes today, so I’m fairly beat.

At this point I could really use prayers for adjusting to my schedule and living like I’m running a marathon and not trying a 7 week long sprint.

Love y’all!!! (I may come home with a bit of a southern twang. Sorry ’bout it. A lot of the participants/staff have accents and it’s rubbing off.)

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  1. bekahcubed says:

    Hooray! That is definitely cause for rejoicing. Praying for you, girlie.

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