Day Five: 89 Ounces of Sweet Tea


We had a work day today, which basically meant that I stripped a few beds to bless WCIU and then worked on my inductive bible study. I mean and I walked to Vons and bought a jug of sweet tea, thinking “I need a bigger water receptacle. Oh here’s a nice big jug. Oh and it’s sweet tea as well! Win win!” Which had the unfortunate consequence of me now having to drink all that sweet tea. Bummer.

This evening we had our first Project night and Matt Brown spoke about being real and genuine people. It was a little convicting, I’m not going to lie. Accountability was something he stressed. That scares me. accountability is scary. He also talked about how all sin has a root cause in either fear or pride. This also is scarily accurate. So yeah. Top notch. The spirit is moving and convicting. We shall see what happens next.

Tomorrow is the first day of Perspectives. I’m really excited but nervous at the same time. Since we’re doing the class in days instead of weeks, so each day has basically a week’s worth of homework and readings. I’m a little apprehensive… It’ll be good though.

Night Y’all. It’s almost 1am home time. For those of y’all at home that are worried about how late I’m staying up: It’s only 11pm here. Peace.

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One Response to Day Five: 89 Ounces of Sweet Tea

  1. bekahcubed says:

    Glad you’re not staying up too late :-P

    Study well today!

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