Day Six: Paradigm Shift


We had our first day of the Perspectives course today. Can I just say that my mind is blown? We talked about the Biblical basis of missions and really hit hard God’s promise to Abraham that the nations would be blessed through him. I came away with two things: One, nothing is more important than God’s call to witness and two, buy me a one way ticket to the world! So basically if you are a human person and you want a worldview overhaul, even one day of Perspectives will do that for you.

The flip side to starting perspectives is that it’s a massive amount of work. Basically I’m doing a fifteen week course in fifteen days. I spent all afternoon(and I do mean all afternoon) reading the (incredible) articles for the class and completing the homework. I’m so excited to continue learning though!

God is definitely moving in a lot of ways here. In one respect, it’s very overwhelming and I don’t even know what to think about first, but on the other hand I am fully convinced that God is molding me and shaping me into the woman He wants me to be.

Which is why it’s exciting you get to see my progress through this blog!

Love Y’all :)

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