Day Seven: Worship



I earnestly apologize that all my photo-a-day’s have been just pictures of me. Mostly selfies. I haven’t quite gotten the hang of whipping out my camera whenever there’s something exciting happening. In any event, I spent five hours this afternoon reading that huge tome that I am (sniffing?) in the selfie. So yeah. Not much opportunity for sight-seeing. Maybe tomorrow I’ll explore the library. It’ll be an adventure.

Today I read an article by John Piper and man oh mackerel is that man quotable.

“At the bottom of all our hope, when everything else has given way, we stand on this great reality: the everlasting, all-sufficient God is infinitely, unwaveringly, and eternally committed to the glory of his great and holy name.” -John Piper, Let the Nations Be Glad

So yeah, today we learned about God’s glory and how worship is the basis for missions. Well and for just life in general. If worship isn’t the basis for your life, you’re doing it wrong. That’s what I took away from the hours and hours I did of reading today. Happy Wednesday!

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