the “I haven’t been on in weeks” ketchup post.

I have numerous things to blog about currently.


“(verse 1)saviour I come, quiet my soul. Remember. Redemptions hill, where your blood was spilled for my ransom. (prechorus)Everything I once held dear, I count it all as loss. (Chorus) Lead me to the cross where your love poured out. bring me to my knees, Lord I lay me down. Rid me of myself, I belong to you. Oh, lead me… lead me to the cross. (verse 2)You were as I, tempted and tried, Human. The word became flesh, bore my sin in death, now you’re risen. (Prechorus)(Chorus)(Bridge)to your heart, to your heart, lead me to your heart.” “lead me to the cross” by Brooke Fraser

Some one please define a good worship service for me. last sunday I was told that the worship service was going to be really good. It was good songs, it was good words, it was good music…. but I couldn’t get into it because there was something inbetween me and God. The words of the song weren’t what my heart was needing to say at the time. I got home that sunday and holed up in the conservatory with my piano and played and sang the above mentioned song over and over and over again. At the end of my own personal worship time my heart had said what it needed to say and all the damage that had happened over my three weeks of not going to church was mended. Why does this happen? Whay are some worship services better then others? Isn’t the whole point of worship to glorify God’s name? Can’t you do that with any kind of song? deep down I know the answer to this question, but it’s a very vague answer and I don’t know how to put it into words, even in my own mind. There’s something about “quiet my soul” that makes me…. sincere… and then the rest just comes because right from the beginning I was quiet before God. utterly confused by this.


Anarchism makes me extremely mad. In my English class my group is working on a project where we have to parrallel. George Orwell’s animal farm, and Buchini’s philisophical essay Anarchism. Anarchism in short words is “authority is evil, get rid of it. Equality is good, as is freedom. Worship equality and freedom instead of a higher power”. This guy contradicts himself. He tosses around the word “religion” without fully understanding the true meaning of the word. He, in his own philisophical essay, takes advantage of loopholes. he creates this eutopic society that doesn’t allow for human nature. He promotes the brainwashing of children, and not freedom of thought(even though he worships the ideas of freedom, liberty, and equality). He believes that people will be more than willing to drop their “religion”, a.k.a. christianity, at the drop of a hat because “Oh my Gosh! Liberty is definately more worth worshiping than an all-powerful, all knowing, caring, providing, God!”. This “philosipher” basically drew up the blue prints for disaster. Anarchy doesn’t work. Cutting out God doesn’t work. Cutting out social classes doesn’t work. Liberty and freedom are not free. Equality is just a nearly impossible dream. Eutopia crashed and burned in the garden of Eden. The deed has been done, there isn’t any going back now. Why of WHY do I always end up playing devils advocate for things? Sunday school I had to debate on the side of Evolution(I spent all morning thinking of ways I could tear apart my own and the other evolutionist’s arguments.). In civics I had to capaign for Barack Obama. In English I have to give reasons as to why anarchism and in essence atheism is the right way to go…. If I felt like I had a freedom of speech at school, I would be in a colossal theological/political argument with every single Liberal in that school who even dares to call themselves “informed”. Geez, sometimes I wish I didn’t think so much.


Inheritence cycle. How many times am I going to predict things and it end up being true? “Okay, I’m just gonna throw this out there. Do you honestly think that it’s a complete coincidence that every rider that we know both color of dragon and magic has had them both be the same color? as a writer, I kind of know how plots are developed. You don’t just make stuff like that happen and not have a purpose behind it. CP really likes to drop hints, you just have to be able to read the hints right and you can predict all of the major plot turns. 

I think the next rider is Arya because(with Oromis dead) the only two people who know the dragon rider secrets are Eragon(with Glaedr’s heart of hearts) and Galbatorix. Galbatorix isn’t just going to hand over all the secrets of the dragon rider to any of the varden, so(assuming the next rider is good) the only person left to teach the new rider would be Eragon and Glaedr. There is still an unresolved relationship issue between Eragon and Arya. Eragon being put over Arya as her teacher would even out the age and power difference between them and open a door for a relationship once Arya has been trained. 

Also, Deathwatch. The two dragons above are Sapphira and Arya’s green dragon. The riders leave alagaesia to let the land run its course without the interference of dragons. The man that’s left behind is either Roran or Murtagh. Thorn will have died, either taking Murtagh with him or leaving murtagh dragon-less. ” I posted this on facebook. that’s why there are quotes around it…. If I’m right(which there is a really high chance I am) then I pwn all you fools that dare oppose my insight. Do not tempt me to get even more proof that I’m correct.

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5 Responses to the “I haven’t been on in weeks” ketchup post.

  1. Eitan says:

    I might just stop arguing with you so that you don’t go to CNN with this. lol. but I require more proof.

  2. mang2 says:

    Good post, very interesting.

  3. Eitan says:

    uhh… It’s actually spelled Catchup.

    And I’m guessing that your going to post a comment that says something like:
    I know that Ethan, I was making a pun.

  4. totallysurrendered says:

    I’m glad you saved me the trouble. Anyway, If I’m going to make news, I’d rather it be about something more exciting then calling every single plot twist in the inheritance cycle.

  5. Eitan says:

    You know, I thought up something from Brisingr too. the invisibility spell. not the whole thing but the part about bending the light so that it didn’t reflect off of your body. or whatever you wanted to make invisible.

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