French Class, once again

What is it with me and never doing what I’m supposed to in French Class? Well, today is legit. We have a sub, so me blogging is perfectly acceptable. As I asked to come up here. Anyway, the choice was either stay and watch a really boring and insipid movie in French or come up to the library and blog. I chose to blog.

Anywhoo, I am happy to announce that tonight is the beginning of Dare 2 Share. I’m super excited about what God’s going to do this weekend. It’s going to be hard getting through these last three classes. and lunch. wow. It’s gonna be pretty insane tonight. Our Youth Group doesn’t have a chick sponsor, and there are three of us girls going to dare 2 share and the accompanying lock-in. We get the nursery all top ourselves. It’s going to be wicked. mego rules. like I said. French Class.

Anyway, to sum up the last paragraph, I’m really really impatient to get to Dare 2 Share. I just want to get there and do it and get it done and have fun. This week has been unbelievably long.

So, apparently two nights ago I was yelling about a tummy ache in my sleep all night. I got the worst nights sleep ever. Cuz I would only sleep for a little bit and then I’d wake up to a tummy ache and then after a while fall back asleep again… only to repeat. My mom woke me up at 4am cuz she heard me yelling and was confuzzed. Anyway, to contrast the terrible night two nights ago, I had a wonderful night’s sleep last night. Except for the awkward dream where I was playing a real life rpg where I got chased by ax murderers for fun. Talk about stressful dream! But the reason why I say it was nice is because I slept the whole night through and I didn’t move at all in my sleep. I distinctly remember falling asleep with my knees bent on my side facing the wall with my hands folded in front of me, and a blanket over my head. Guess how I woke up? Talk about freaky! That’s never happened to me before.

Can’t wait for Dare 2 Share. Toodles. Pray for us this weekend.

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2 Responses to French Class, once again

  1. bekahcubed says:

    I’m prayin’ for you, girlie! Hope everything worked out okay in the nursery despite your lack of “chick sponsors”.

  2. Ah'Sandra says:

    I considered going to D2S this weekend with ya’all, but when I found out the number of students going, I figured Jeremy and Josh could handle it. I didn’t even think about the lack of “chick sponsors”. :-P

    hope you’re having a blast!!

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