The Proble with blogging is that I can’t talk about stuff that involves people that I know are readers. Cuz frankly, there’s a lot of stuf on my heart right now, but if I it it out here and wanted to get some outside input, I’d just end up with a bunch of hate comments from people that I know in real life. and if I let it all out and talked about some real issues going on in my life, I’d get protests because it’s all kind of… relational. one person might think I’m misrepresenting their actions o attutudes, when really I’m just saying it as I see it. grrr, I’m in a bind.

Needless to say, the stuff on my mind has me reverting to emo practices and I’ve been yelled at so far today for being “cynical” and “Pissy”. Well, Darlings, I wish I could say it has nothing to do with you, but frankly it’s “relational”. and I’ve been swearing about it and on the verge of tears all day. so….. read between the lines. I’m not doing too hot.

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  1. Kayla L. says:

    When your down, just think of Link and the Awkward Barrel Noises.

    Hope you have better days ahead of you.

  2. Casandra says:

    I’m sorry you’re having a hard time.
    Relationships are tough.
    I hope things get straightened out soon.
    Not that you’d even consider taking me up on the offer, but I’m pretty good at listening and only giving input when it is asked for. (you have experience with this).

    I love you, really I do. (=

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