French Quiz day

Insomnia is bad. It keeps little girls up late at night and causes them to not be all there the next day at school where they fail French tests.

I’m afraid blogging on French quiz days will become a very common thing.

anyone know where I can get a free neck massage? I’m desperately in need of one. like I feel like every single muscle in my back has decided to compact. It hurts like none other.

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3 Responses to French Quiz day

  1. bekahcubed says:

    :-( I’m sorry to hear that.

  2. Ah'Sandra says:

    I’m sorry you don’t feel like you did well on your test/quiz.

    Oh, and if you need a neck massage, all you need to do is ask. I’m not ever far away, ya know. (-;

  3. Gracie says:

    oh btw, I got an 80% on that quiz. So basically I didn’t fail it, even half asleep with my head buried in the sand.

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