last night

so yeah, I was supposed to “preach” at Youth last night… I went into the deal with three verses written down and absolutely no freakin’ clue as to what I was going to say.

well, I went on for about 20 minutes, so it must have been good. no one was sleeping, that was a plus. I wasn’t shaking….

I have some lyrics to share.

Heartbeat-Remedy Drive

This is a draught 
Been living without
The one thing life requires
What a mess
Somewhere I lost the fire
Oh my my 
Where has it gone
Can anybody turn this beat back on
My heart is fast asleep
Dreaming it could bleed
For something that’s real
My desperate appeal 
God I’m getting tired of the way I feel
When I would rather be alive

I want to wake up
I want to restart
Put the drumbeat back in my heart
I need to be revived
Bring me back to life

Coming on slow head to toe
The pulse is back again
It’s grace in my veins – replacing the pain
Bringing me back from the dead
Oh my my now I can see 
You heard me cry emergency
Screaming out for help
You saved me from myself
The fires returned I’m letting it burn
There’s nothing better in the whole wide world
It feels so good to be alive 

I LOVE this song. I’m listening to it on loop. My heart is screaming this song. Don’t ask me why I feel so dead inside. kind of awkward, right? I was speaking life yesterday, and yet I feel so dead on the inside. ironic… hypocritical… same diff.

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2 Responses to last night

  1. bekahcubed says:

    I understand where you’re at–I’ve been there before. But I’m praying for you, dear.

  2. flippedinsideout says:

    YOU POSTED A POST THAT WASN’T A VENT!!! Grace, I’m so proud of you!! :-)

    I really like that song too.

    I think sometimes it takes an encounter with life for us to recognize the death dwelling inside of us. You’re on the right road though – follow hard after God and don’t let anything else matter – just like you “preached” about on Wednesday. I love you, kiddo.

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