this is a vent on life. Life sucks. and it will always be that way!!! teacher’s will always give too much homework, there will always be two… or three…. or four… people that really annoy the crap out of me. there will always be that stupid person that believes that your life is oh so easy because you’re only a frosh. there will always be that ignorant male that doesn’t understand why I have to get new summer clothes… 

1) Okay, first annoyance mentioned…. teachers that give too much homework… My Science teacher and my geometry teacher…. they’re both the stupidest teachers EVER! Neither of them can teach, but they both assign hideous amounts of homework at the same time, and then expect you to do it all on time. And then they expect you to know it all after they’ve talked about it a grand total of ONCE and you’re still confused, and then they give you a test over every minute detail that they went over…. and you fail because they can’t freaking teach the class… And my science teacher… Me and a friend put “pollution” down for same question. the real answer is “air pollution”. I got the question wrong, my friend got it right. I asked about it, and instead of giving me the point, or letting us have half credit(becasue it WAS half right), my friend lost the point…. GO BACK TO AFRICA, YOU STUPID WHITE TRASH PREP SCHOOL TEACHER!!!!!!! did I mention that she used to teach at a prep school in Africa? another thing, she disses Nebraskans while teaching in Nebraska? She thinks we’re all idiots that don’t know what to do in emergencies. And she thinks that because our average on a FORMATIVE quiz isn’t that great, that we’re all delinquents that shouldn’t be in D classes. and did I mention she gives a lot of homework? grrr….. she annoys me…

2) second annoyance. the two… or three… or four… people that annoy the crap out of me… this is really general, but it’s really big. cheerleaders. loud-mouths. know-it-alls that don’t actually know-it-all. teachers that give too much homework. idiots that stop in the middle of the hall to make out. anyone that does excessive PDA. politicians, mainly liberals, sometimes conservatives. lunch line cutters. nerds that think they’re cool, but they’re not. gay people that think they’re christian. any non-christian claiming christianity. people that diss christians. people that complain about their parents all the time. parents. curfews. siblings. lunch ladies. people with rediculous crushes. that’s just to name a few.

3) stupid people that think your life is easy. that’s pretty self explanitory, but I’ll vent anyway. My life is NOT easy! My life is so busy, I don’t know what way is up(may have to do with complaint number one). ever wonder why I always blog late at night? maybe it’s because that’s the only time I CAN blog. annoying, right. which brings me to the part where I’m annoyed by people thinking it’s easy. “Oh, you’re just a freshman, you have it SO easy!” no. false. “oh my gosh, how could you be so pessimistic about life already. you’re not even in the real world yet.” what. the. heck! I’ve been to a surreal world that’s ten times worse then real, I can’t WAIT to get into the real world! and then people are like… “why are you sad? life is good!” what? I’m sorry, but, WHAT? what do you know about life? life is not good! Life is stupid and rough and unfair, and it doesn’t matter how hard you try, you all get screwed over in the end anyway!

4) on a happier note, that ignorant male that is wondering why you need to get new summer clothes despite the fact that you’ve obviously gained thirty pounds since the last time you needed to wear shorts, and you now have thighs and some belly fat to house under those summer clothes. where are your eyes?!?!?!?! It’s completely obvious to me!!! have not you noticed the overhand whenever I try to put on shorts? let me enlighten you, there’s an overhand of fat whenever I try to put on shorts! hmmm, that’s not good. 1)because I don’t like seeing fat, good or bad. 2)because it HURTS to put them on! pain, yes! it hurts to try to squeaze my sensitive fat covered area into a small space. but, a male wouldn’t know anything about that, would they! grrr….

so there it is. all my pent up frustrations.

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  1. mangsta2 says:

    Yay! Girls need to vent— good job doing it on a blog and not (from what I know) in real life. :)

    People with ridiculous crushes ANNOY ME SO MUCH! Their pathetic little parasitic relationships are soooo obnoxious cause you can see that they won’t end well at all. Lack of self control is also terribly annoying….. I think that’s what ADD basically is: lack of self control, due PARTIALLY, minutely to the bodily condition.

    “some belly fat to house under those summer clothes. where are your eyes?!?!?!?! It’s completely obvious to me!!! have not you noticed the overhand whenever I try to put on shorts?” Grace, never ever EVER EVER EVER tell guys to look at you. That only ever ends badly. If they don’t notice you, that’s their problem. You DO NOT want guys noticing things like that about you. Or you don’t want LOTS of guys noticing it.

    • totallysurrendered says:

      Wow, very astute observation. To be honest, people are as much pissed off by me as I am by them. I will annoy teachers, I will annoy atheists, I will annoy people with my coping skills… It’s life.

      I am an extreme pessimist, if anyone out there is thinking otherwise then either they’re blinder then a bat, or I’m better at lying then I thought. lives… whether they’re hard or not, you can’t really feel someone else’s difficulty because of the different temperaments and circumstances. something that’s not a big deal for me might be a giant thing for someone else.. and vice-versa. Something that I’ve been learning is to not compare myself with others or even myself. My life is my burden to bear. And God knows that I can handle it, even when I feel like I’m drowning. And somewhere deep down I know that everything that has happened, and everything that is happening, and everything that will happen, is for a divine purpose.

      Love is… one thing that I’m having difficulty wrapping my mind around right now. I need to remember that everyone loves me no matter what I look like. And especially God loves me despite what I look like.

      I think I’m going to rant about grocery stores next…..

  2. boyerling3 says:

    So Grace, what do you think people then think about you? What’s your place in another person’s rant? Do they have cause to say that you don’t know what to do in tough situations. That when you’re given problems you panic instead of calmly solving them? Might your teacher see you as not listening to her?
    Quite possibly people may see you as that annoying overzealous Christian know-it-all that can’t keep her mouth shut.
    Are you being perceived as being an extreme pessimist? Do other people have cause to say that your life isn’t quite as difficult as it could be? Is life so unjust that you don’t deserve everything that comes? Is God really dishing out more then you can handle?
    Are you being a bit too over conscious about your own body. Are you not already a beautiful creation of God’s that is loved regardless of summer clothes by the Lord and Savior and the people closest to you?
    You can only change yourself hopefully it will only be for the better. While it is important to vent, you need to balance things out to see that part of the reason life seems crappy is because you (or me or anybody at all) makes life for the whole world crappy. Maybe it’s just my way of thinking, but I don’t see things as beautiful or ugly (though things may be more or less aesthetically pleasing) but they appear according to your vision which is dependent on you. I used to see something like graffiti as ugly, but in its own way it can appear as wonderful as the Mona Lisa. When we die God is not going to see your or my belly fat but he’ll see Jesus. So with that assurance we know that we have a happy ending but until then are we going to make things miserable for ourselves and others? Or can we use every muscle within us to praise God for each and every gift, challenge, and opportunity that he sends to build us up?

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