Lazy Monday: STUFFED

Stuffed: full, not hungry.

I don’t know what it is about birthdays, but everyone decides they want to feed you whenever you turn a year older. Congratulations, you’ve wasted another year of your life! Can you feel your metabolism slowing down? Do you feel yourself slinking towards death? Why don’t we speed up that process by giving you all of your favorite foods all at once!

I love food, I really do…. but my arteries are cursing me. Oh, the fatty food’s I’ve been eating….

My wardrobe is cursing me as well. I need to start doing more jumping jacks if I’m going to eat like this…

A special thanks to:

My wonderful Mother!- Who made me meatloaf and jello(and asparagus and baked potatoes) and strawberry-rhubarb pie after I got off work on my actual birthday.

My amazing sister, Anna!- Who intended to take me to ihop before we went to give blood(I know right! I GAVE BLOOD!) but ended up just taking me to Mcdonalds. (I GAVE BLOOD for my birthday guys!!!)

My fantastic, pregnant, sister-in-law Kaytee!- Who flew all the way from Japan to buy me ihop(among other things…)

My stupendous Popsicle!- Who bought the whole family Mexican food. YUM! It was delicious.

My terrific friend(and dapple-ganger) Megan!- Who got me Don & Millie’s. Bacon, Cheese and Beef. I love animals. Did you know you can get 99 cent margaritas there? Yup. But not through the drive thru. We checked.

AND TO EVERYONE ELSE!- Who ate these delicious meals with me(and who would have eaten them if they could have). Namely my brothers Joshua and Timothy(and Joaanaaaaaa), who even though they didn’t feed me, were there to celebrate.

I’m the luckiest 19 year old out there. I have such a brilliant group of family and friends. I know I will never starve.

Needless to say, I eat lunch with my dad on Mondays and I’m stuffed. My parents left to go eat supper without me and I’m debating not making anything for myself so I can just get back down to a comfortable level of full-ness. Just kidding there are avocados in the fridge. but seriously.

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