So I fail. Fail fail fail. Cuz it’s been what, a week? and I haven’t posted. Even though I said I would.

But honestly why would I blog? My life has been super boring lately. The only things of note are that I’m sick(ewwww) and I have a severe case of junioritis(zzzzzzzzzz). Both of those topics are pretty self-explanitory. AKA I’m not going to write a 20 page expos on Junioritis. Sorry kids, you’ll find out what it’s like when you’re older.

But seriously. It’s Monday.

In other news it’s my sister Bekah bekah bekah’s birfday!!!! YAYYYY!!!! So I’m going to paint her a picture. using paint. How BA is that? Pretty hardcore, man.

1. Yes, that is an accurate picture of my sister.
2. Yes, she is that tall.
3. Yes, she does have that long of hair.
4. Yes, her eyebrows do move in that way.
5. Yes, she does wear puffed sleeves.(cuz she’s awesome!!!)
6. Yes, she does wear skirts all the time. (ALL the time!)
7. Yes, that cake is big enough for a heard of elephants to live in.
8. Yes, my sister is an old woman.
9. Yes, the above statement is only true in some circles.
10. Yes, I know that those candles coming out of the side of the cake are an extreme fire hazard. Do I look like a person that would care?

Anyways. Happy Birfday Bekah. Hope it’s a good year!!!!!

P.s. go check out her blog at (She posts more then I do)

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