Thankful Thursday

It’s Thursday again! I had the intention of writing a blog post every day in lieu of NaNoWriMo this year, but that didn’t happen. But, despite my awfulness at writing a consistent blog, I have many things to be thankful of this week. On Monday I went to my new bible study, and actually enjoyed it quite a lot! Which is kind of weird, because the first week I visited I had decided that I didn’t particularly like one of the leaders. I think she’s one of those people that imporves on closer acquaintance though. I started to do the daily studying for that bible study, and it’s gotten me hooked on the bible. I know, kind of weird, but it’s true. When I’m in bed thinking “I have two more hours worth of energy left in me!” It’s my bible that I grab, not “Arabella” by Georgette Heyer…. Good book btw, It’s just not as good as the bible. Can you believe that I actually have to convince myself to read the fiction as opposed to the nonfiction? Kind of a change in thought processes, isn’t it. It’s kind of a good thing I don’t bring my bible to school, cuz then I would be reading it in class! Uh oh! Anyways, I think this thankfulness is that I’ve re-found my love of the word of God, and I’ve become more firm in my love of him.

Secondly, I am picking up one more piano student! Yay! Not only do I get to connect with an awesome young lady now, I also get a little extra cash. Icing on the cake, Icing on the cake. I’m so thankful that I have a job that I not only enjoy, but it gives me the opportunity to develope relationships with young people that are mainly in my church. Also, with the tendonitis, teaching piano keeps me connected to music when I can’t actually play some hard core Godard. So really, it’s not about the money. Just ask any of the parents of my students. I could get away with charging twice as much as I do…. but I don’t. Cuz I love it too much to risk it being expesive.

Thirdly, I am thankful that I follow God. Yes this is corny, but God has been so involved this week, how can I not be thankful? I got to share my testimony with some of the middle schooled girls at youth group. I think they thought I was genuine and I hope they’re open with me from now on.

Fourthly, today I got my show choir dress! YAY! It’s soooo prettyful! It’s red with sequins all over it. It fits perfectly, it’s the perfect length, the perfect modesty, it’s been stamped with my father’s approval(HARD TO GET!!!!!) and it’s sparkly. Not to mention my undergarments that I bought for it don’t slide around, which is nice. To cake the top, my first performance is in one week!!!! I’m excited! And on monday I’m trying out for one of the solo’s that is to be sung on Friday!

The only drawback is that the sequins cut my arms. so all in all my week has been good. very good. And I’m happy again. I think we have God to thank for that….. and my last post….. and more then slightly the tears shed over said last post. Tears are miracles in liquid form.

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  1. Ah'Sandra says:

    God is soooo good! (:
    I’m glad this week was good!

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