Gracie Haz a Happy

So, yeah I’m kinda happy about today, which is weird because usually Thursdays suck. to sum up, I leave at 7:15, come home at 5:20 to eat some grub. leave at 6:40 to go to worship practice. come home at 8:30 ish to do my homework for the day.

Why does Gracie haz a happy? The homework for the day is:
-10 pages to read in AP US History.
-1 chapter to read in AP Macro Economics(relatively optional because B Kabourek is such an exceptional teacher.)
-2 pages of Homework in French 3/4 Comp
-5 extremely easy problems in Pre-Calculus Diff.

Considering the usual homework for the night is:
-10+ pages of APUSH
-chapter of APME(non-optional!)
-Reading/Writing assignment for AP Language
-1 page homework + studying online French 3/4 book
-20-30 problems of Pre-Cal D.

Yes, Gracie haz a happy. God is so good.

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  1. bekahcubed says:

    :-) And that makes Gracie’s sister happy too!

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