Good and Faithful One

well, detasseling season is back up! today was the first day, and as I was roving the fields of southeastern Nebraska I was thinking about my life up until now. Why? Because I’m a nostalgic sop and today was my first day on the special crew detasseling. See, I’ve worked myself up from bottom for three years so that I could have the honor of saying I am on the force. And it’s not really that I”m an amazing detasseler, I mean I guess I’m a decent detasseler because I AM on the force, but honestly, I’m a woman. the whole repetitive motion over and over again… it’s not wired into the female circuit board to get better at that type of stuff. So to what do I owe this amazing achievement? I am strongly inclined to believe that I got on the force because throughout my detasseling career I have always striven to glorify God in all the things that I do. be it training new detasselers or talking with my friends or eating my lunch.

Throughout my life I think of all the things that I’ve succeeded at, which me being an anal retentive overachiever, successes are many, it is all centered around that one glorifying God in everything I do. In school I get good grades, but I don’t just study. I behave in a manner pleasing to God in those classes and I ardently try to let my light shine. my academic letter and soon to be bar are testimony to God’s goodness to me.

I don’t mention these things to puff myself up and say “I am awesome at Math!” “I”m an amazing detasseler!” “I’m the best student!” because frankly that would defeat my point. In all actuality, I’m a really bad student and way too spacy to be a good detasseler. I lack motivation and am want to selfishly do what I want to do and not what I know I should do. and it is to point at God and give credit where credit is due that I mention these things. I have faithfully pointed to him, and at the end of the day I always strive to hear “well done, good and faithful one.”

so here is my challenge to you: when you get to the end of the day do you feel as if you deserve the title “Good and Faithful one”. would God be pleased with your actions? Did you glorify God today? did you take every opportunity to show your faith? Have you been trusting God to pull through your weaknesses?

To be honest this afternoon while detasseling I said no to these questions. And then I worked on it all day. and for the day, God is pleased because I said no to what I wanted (to quit. and take off my shoes. and give up) and said yes to perseverance.

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