Happy Day!

I’m pretty excited for this weekend. My good friends Mary and Anna are coming into town. It’s my mommy’s birthday. I have a show choir competition tomorrow. I”m going out with my buddies tonight. Life is good. and on top of everything, my brother fixed the computer. all he needs to do is download Word, and then all will be made right again.

This week I’ve been thinking about starting my day right and being a leader when I’m “off-stage” so to speak. (reference to worship leading at youth group right ther) So for one, I’ve put a rein on my less friendly qualities. I’ve tried to be nicer to people, to not get irritated with people all the time. To give second chances and to always remember that I have gotten more chances then anyone deserves. To start my day, I get up and read my bible. I don’t journal or have a mountaintop experience, but it focuses my day and gives me more then just a spiritual high. I listen to good music (Reilley check them out!) and I’ve started to understand what day to day living with God means. It’s exhillerating.

Right now I’m supposed to be taking a French test O_O I’ll sign out now.

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  1. bekahcubed says:

    Yay for all that–computer, birthday, girls in town, show choir, leadership. You go girl!

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