In light of recent personal and national events, I’ve been thinking about death quite a bit… The one thing that I keep coming back to is… how can you hear about these people dying and see their loved ones and be a loved one and not feel icky all over because someone that they treasured in their life is gone and they’re never going to come back. How do you cope with the fact that there’s an empty hole now that that person used to fill but now they can’t. What about their hopes and dreams, what happens to those now? Do they poof into oblivion? Do they get buried with the person? Do they take them to the afterlife? What about those people that died at Fort hood? If you read the articles about them, they were all bubbly and cheerful and happy people. What happens to all that happiness? It’s gone and we can’t get it back. We need happy people. We need those people.

All I can say to comfort myself and everyone else is that God has a purpose for everyone and everything. And sometimes weeks suck and sometimes you lose the ones you love, but through it all God is in control and has a master plan. And God doesn’t deviate.

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