The lowering of our standard.

I am more then slightly sickened by all of the…. filth that has infiltrated our daily lives. why is it that we can’t watch the TV without having sex shoved down our throats. I”m particularly distressed by one Miley Cyrus. She has been quoted as saying “I love Jesus more then anything”(rough quotation), and yet she does a pole dance for the teen choice awards. It befuddles me to think that someone could profess Christ and worship the devil in the same breath. Then again, the majority of christians in the US today are not fazed by Miley’s behaviour. Most of the christians in America are condoning, if not behaving the same way as Miley. It sickens me.

I think that I know the cause of this horrid degrading of morals in christians. We are being defiled and decensitized by everything that the media throws at us. remember that verse “to the pure all things are pure…” yeah it goes on to say something about the defiled having something twisted about them. I’ve always sucked at memorizing skipture. anywhoo… my point is that we’re so used to seeing sex, that when something horrendously abhorent to God comes up, we just grin and blow it off…. and when we’re thrust into a position where we can participate in such evil, we join in. because it’s “not that bad”.

I believe we, as christians, have, instead of forcing our environment to change, compromised to match the environment. it’s gotta stopp… I challenge you to change the world…. by not being of the world.

We should be called to God’s standard, and not the world’s. when you walk into a room full of peers, the first thing they think should be “boom! A man/woman of God just entered the room!”

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