Another(direction-less) rant

so yeah, I was talkin’ with my big sister(of and she was telling me about this lobbyest that she had to listen to rant about tea partiers… she said that he was trying to get money fast. fast money comes from the government. the people standing between him and fast money from the government was teapartiers…. tea partys-evil… in this guys mind, that is.

I have numerous problems with this. 1 being that how does this guy know that tea partiers are evil and he’s the one that’s good??? Maybe he’s the one that’s standing in the way of a good thing! 2… how do you honestly believe that? OH! The police officer is standing in the way of me and getting what I want(money from that old ladies purse) so I”m just going to rag on the police officer and slander him and call him names and call him an “angry mob” until someone comes along and feels sorry for me and steals all the first amendment rights from the police officer so that my selfish desires can be satisfied. Ladies and Gentle-germs, I feel like an oppressed police officer.

with all the buzz about “healthcare reform” I’ve been kindly sitting back and NOT throwing in my two cents for a few reasons. one, I’m not a healthcare officianado, and don’t feel like it’s my place to talk about something that I know so little about. and 2, I feel kind of threatened by the government. If I were to type up every bit of my miniscule knowlege about obamacare, nothing would stop someone from reading what I post and say “That’s fishy” and report me to the whitehouse.  frankly, my freedom of speech is being threatened. It’s being threatened by a bunch of liberals with one track minds that can’t seem to wrap their minds around a very simple concept… SOMETIMES THE WORLD DOESN”T REVOLVE AROUND YOU!!!!!!!!!! you want money? Well, me too! You want to be happy? ME TOO! You want to say whatever you want whenever you want? Me too! You want to think what you want to think? Me to. The only difference between a liberal and a conservative (apart from stands on issues) is that Conservatives see politics as a neccisary evil, and liberals see it as a kindergarten fight. I say something a liberal doesn’t like and BOOM it’s “TEACHER!!!! Grace is saying nasty things about me!” and  if the teacher is liberal, I get my rights taken away… but if the teacher is a conservative, they say “tough, suck it up and be a man, you big baby!”

I was reading some crap today about this politician in Florida who is avoiding town hall meetings because of all the conservatives that are coming and asking tough questions… well, frankly, if you don’t have the balls to face your own people, why the heck are you representing them politically??? honestly, how did you even get elected? wait, I know! It’s all those crack-pot liberals that only think about politics once a year! It’s those people that just want to get money from the government! All those selfish people that want what is advantageous to THEM and not the good of everyone. you know what! If I were heartless, I would be a liberal too!

Another thing that really pisses me off is that liberals like to say they’re “more caring for the people”… who are you kidding?? The only people that get cared for are the poor people that are sitting at home watching tv instead of getting a job! The middle class is getting their income sucked dry by increased taxation, and the upper class is getting all of their money sucked away to the point where their children are going to start from nothing(not that big of a deal, really) because by the end of their life all their savings is gone. the liberal’s plan for “caring for the people” is only  actually helping the welfare recipients. due to inflation, the working poor and the middle class gets screwed over, and the rich people… well… they get their stuff taxed to kingdom come too.

frankly, I like the idea of every man for themself and no entitlement. (warning, I’m about to go off on a christian conservative rant). I like the idea of “whoever does not work, neither shall he eat!”. If you can’t get off your bum and earn a little bit of dough so you can go and buy a case of top ramen, then you don’t deserve to eat. you deserve what you’ve made of your life. and if I’ve worked my way up the corporate ladder and I’m now earning upper six figures… well, I’ve built that success on a foundation made of sweat, blood, pain, and determination. I didn’t just vreeze my way to the top.

sidenote: all you quitters of detasseling… FAIL! If you can’t last through a little bit of pain and exhaustion to get a nice chunk of cash and a crap ton of networking… how are you gonna get anywhere with the job that you have? you learn a lot of good working skills while detasseling. You learn to work with other people, you learn to follow instructions by the letter, you learn to cope with a long day and exhaustion without complaining, you learn how to work a long day, you learn how to work your way to the top(if you actually care, that is), you learn to lead a small group. I have learned so many things while detasseling about how the real world works, it’s not even funny.

and just so you know, I feel kind of hypocritical for writing this. I’ve slammed liberals a lot in the past who-knows-how-long… and it’s something that I hate it when they do it to me… but frankly, I’m sick and tired of being manipulated by the nincompoops in the whitehouse, and I’m sick of all the people out there who are calling me names and telling me that what I say doesn’t matter because it doesn’t agree with what they’re saying. it’s really starting to piss me off. I get very… irrational when I’m pissed off…. but then again, I’m more rational when I’m “Irrational” then Liberals are when they’re “rational”.

I am just waiting for the breaking point where a bunch of people snap and get off their pacifist butts(I am one of those people) and starts to do something about all the injustice that’s happening.

Here’s for all of us who still believe in the constitution. Cheers!

1101 words from the teenage mind.

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  1. Banana says:

    Wow! That is a rant. Love you!

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