Hooray! Only one more day of regular schedule and three days of finals and then i’m FREEBIRD BABY!!!! I’m really excited about what this summer is gonna be like. I’m hoping that I can earn a bunch o’ doe from detasseling, babysitting and teaching piano. Speaking of which, Tuesday is my first day as an official teacher that gets paid! Isn’t that exciting? I get to earn myself a little respect in the working world. I will be joining the world of tertiary workers. that is, a worker that doesn’t produce anything, but merely serves the people. (IN case you haven’t noticed yet, I’m stressing out about my geography final. No worries )

It’s gonna be great going back to detasseling. I get to be on top of the bus. I get to push around some first years. I get to be worshiped by said first years. I get to yell at first years…. I get to be rotton to first years and get away with it… like I would do that though ;) No, I’m going to carefully and calmly tell first years that they’re sucking it up without managing to hurt their feelings. It takes skill, but I think I can do it. 

Babysitting will give me the opportunity to regain contact with my somewhat battered maternal instincts. I confess, children are not my hearts sole desire anymore. 

To be honest, I have one major goal this summer. I’m tired of pretending to be what people expect me to be. I’m tired of watching my behavior around people. I’m tired of editing out the more… shocking aspects of my life. I’m tired of giving people the impression that I’m a perfect little angel when anyone who has had me relax with them will know that I’m not. I”m tired of splitting my life in two. I want to be the same person at school as I am at church… and that doesn’t mean that I’m going to be completely heathenistic at church or way goodie-goodie at school. I’m going to try to find my happy medium…. which might be hard since I’m not going to be going to school over the summer(duh), but I’ll try to be more real with the church friends. If they completely ditch me because of it, well, that’s their loss.

…. I hate grocery stores. It seems like every time I go to super saver a nasty looking guy gives me the eye…. (although last time he wasn’t THAT disgusting looking, he was just over five years older then me.)

so yeah, that’s life.

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  1. bekahcubed says:

    I’m excited for you, my dear. Excited that you’ll have time off, excited that you’ll be starting to teach–but most of all excited for what I expect God to do in your life this summer. He isn’t done working in you–nor is He done working through you. I look forward to see what happens as God continues to transform you into His image.

    Love you, dear!

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