Christian radio?

as of right now I’m going to rant on stupid christian radio these days. I’m really sick of radio stations playing the spongs that everyone wants to hear, but not what they need to hear. Honestly, I turn on the local christian station, and all I hear is “I want you, I need you, oh baby, oh baby.”… yes, this is true…. but there are more dynamic things to sing about… like the depravity of man…. but oh wait, the only songs that they can play about the depravity of man are the ones that aren’t theologically sound… the ones that accuse the church on turning their back on non-believers and not carrying out Jesus’s plan. news flash(casting crowns) it’s not my fault that some idiot out there identifies themselves with the christian faith but doesn’t walk it and skews the polls. I go to a church that actively seeks out the lost and needy. we provide a LOT for the surrounding community. (back to the point) I don’t want to listen to music on the christian station that is shallow and scratches the mere surface of christianity and doesn’t bring up dynamic lyrics that make me think. the only one that I can think of that makes me seriously think is “all those people, going somewhere, why have I never cared.”… and that’s only because I have a really distinctive “I don’t care” attitude toward the people around me…. that’s a unique attitude that isn’t shared by anyone that I’ve met so far…. except all my heathen friends at school…. well, even that isn’t strictly true. My point is, why can’t christian radio stations play music that is actually apllicable to christians? How about “gratitude” by Nicole Nordeman? that’s about giving thanks to God no matter how he answers prayer. And practically any hillsong united song? they’re all about following Jesus to the cross and a rising up generation… and jesus blood… and God being the solution to world hunger and political strife and relationship strife. And heck, why not throw in some skillet? They sing about God being with you through thick and thin and always being beside you no matter how black the night. And what about the good ald days when rich mullens was everyone’s hero? when “there’s a loyalty that’s deeper then mere sentiment. and the music higher then the songs that I can sing. the stuff of earth competes for the alleigance I owe only to the giver of all good things.” and “If I weep let it be as a man who is longing for his home.” and what about the very beginnings of christian rock with randy stonehill and his buddies. “We are all foolish puppets, who desiring to be free, are pitifully crippled, after cutting our own strings.”

Why can’t we sing about this stuff on public radio? Is it because people don’t want to hear about the long journey to the cross? Is it because people don’t want to hear about the long nights. because people don’t want to hear that we’re all pitifully crippled without Jesus? Is it because people want to feel good about themselves by putting themselves in the position of the victim in half of casting crown’s songs? News flash, christians, you’re not a victim! You’re a believer in the lord Jesus Christ, you have no reason to be a zictim unless you take yourself out from under God’s protection, and into the fury of the storm… and why don’t we call God stuff like “the giver of all good things” anymore? Where’d all our creativity go? and why can’t we juxtapose and contrast and compare and make analogies anymore? “we’re all dirty filthy sinners that are going to hell because we’ve turned against God.” puppets cutting their own strings makes more sense, it’s in less harsh language… and it makes you THINK!

when youwrite a song, I’d like you to do one of two things. write in creative language about something that I wouldn’t have thought about before. or praise our God and savior in as many creative ways as possible. And if you suck at writing, stick to singing, and if you suck at singing stick to writing, and if you suck at both…. well, you get the best job of all. you get to listen and soak it in and show God that you’re not ashamed of your suckiness.

so, if you see me driving down the road listening to death metal… it’s probably because the christian station is in the middle of their 40 minute bonanza of sucky shallow music… and in twenty minutes I will switch it back to hear the one good song they have on their playlist. I hope you share my frustration… because I believe that christians deserve good music… and frankly, we’re not getting it from our public radio.

oh, and what happened to singing hymns without screwing up the melody or the timing or adding a bunch of stupid electric guitar and drums to make it sound like something it’s not? It’s a HYMN!!! it was written centuries ago by¬†amazing people that probably were closer to God then you will ever be! honestly, you’re gonna make them roll over in their grave by defiling their music like that! If you want to cater to the young crowd on the radio, play skillet or Thousand foot Krutch, or Underoath, or Kutless, or starfield… grrrr…. I am so offended.

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  1. mangsta2 says:

    Grace, I see your point……… but I have a small confession to make……… *whispers* I don’t care about lyrics. *crowd gasps, screaming ensues* Now, I don’t totally disregard them. Like, if they’re swearing fifty miles a minute, I wouldn’t be able to stand it. But music to me is all about the music….. the combination of sounds, beats, echoes, and everything else into a work called “song”. Of course, the vocals are usually the lead melody, and therefore if you think of the song you sing the lyrics. The thing that makes a song good or bad for me is how it sounds…… good lyrics are just an added bonus.

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