On tolerance

Why don’t people understand the word tolerance? It’s like, I’m walking down the hall and all of the sudden this giant poster that says “tolerance” is all up in my face. What the heck? Who isn’t tolerating here? Last time I checked no one was trying to get other people kicked out of school. last time I checked no one is getting murdered. That sounds like tolerance to me!

All right, here’s the deal. I tolerate lots of stuff…. that biblically I don’t have to tolerate. But it really pisses me off when people get all up in my face and say “You think that what I’m doing is a sin. That offends me. I’m a person like you are. Because of my sin, you should treat me better then everyone else.”

Why should I treat you better then other people because you’re blatantly walking in something that I disagree with. It’s not like you were born with it. I’ll tolerate you like I do a murderer or I liar or any other sinner…. What stops me from killing EVERYONE is the knowlege that I’m just as bad-if not worse- then all ya’lls out there. I”m a sinner just like you. what seperates me from a gay guy, is the fact that I’m forgiven, and I’m trying to live like Jesus… and yes, I know that I suck at it, but at least I’m trying. Tolerence means I don’t kill you. acceptance means I put aside my values and put your values ahead of my own… sorry, but no. I’d rather die a thousand deaths then give up my values. and I”m not joking. If you feel as strongly against this as I do, then I invite you to track me down and kill me…. or you could just do something about it in a rational way…. like posting on my blog. 

Well, I know this has been relatively short, but I have another idea that I will be posting in another post in about an hour after I fully formulate the idea and put it down in words. patience, my dear watsonburger.

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