as the name suggests.. I’m going to go off on a rant…

First order of business. Diretribe. I learned that word in my oral comm class today. I’m going to go off on a diretribe about the student teacher of said oral comm class. She’s a democrat… as always. She made a very offensive, false, biased, rude, seriotypical, FALSE statement today. She said that “Republicans are all rich and way up there. they’re more conservative, but Democrats tend to be poorer and care more about the people. and of course, more liberal.”… what a generalization… and it’s so FALSE! and even if it were true, why do you think it’s like that? Maybe Republicans(conservatives) apply that to every aspect of their life? Maybe our lives don’t reflect our political views, but our political views reflect our lives. We’re conservative about EVERYTHING! Money, possessions, children. We work on a “If it’s not there, don’t use it” system. If we save our money and collect interest on it…. NO FLIPPIN DUH WE”RE GOING TO BE BETTER OFF FINANCIALLY! and we also go to collage and do things that actually help people i.e. research, business and medicine. We don’t go into pansy fields that don’t pay like teaching…. music…. acting…. journalism…. So… we make more money, we save more money… yeah, it’s a no-brainer. But! the implication that we don’t care about people is so… heinous! We care about people, we want them to be independant and have a good job… not solely relying on the government. we want to protect the people by puniching lawbreakers and not letting them all run naked and wild killing at will. “But it’s human life!”… There are people who are so confused as to how I can be por-life and pro-death penalty at the same time…. here’s how it works.. a man who took another man’s life deserves to, in return have his life taken. The government’s job is to carry out justice in an impartial and fair manner. By every standard a murderer deserves to get what he took away from someone else taken away from him. An unborn child didn’t do anything to anyone. An unborn child didn’t kill you. an unborn child didn’t “ruin your life”. You did that to yourself, hoe. Anyway, back to ms. “Democrats care about people and republicans don’t”. I have numerous reasons as to why she shouldn’t have said this. 1) it’s false. 2) it’s a steriotype(the main thing schools try to discourage) 3)It sways young minds opinions in a direction that it might not have gone otherwise(refer to reason #1) 4)It’s offensive. I’m offended by it. 5) whatever happened to reaching accross the aisle, mate? I’m trying. That’s why I didn’t chew you out in front of the whole freaking class because you’re a stupid ignorant adult that thinks she knows everything but has got it all wrong! I respect democrats. I respect where they stand on the real issues. But what I don’t like is that some of the things that democrats come up with to namecall republicans is just… rediculous! RICH?!? Not nearly! uncaring about people? Heck no techno! I’m not just pulling this from thin air! I know that republicans do it just as much, I* do it just as much. But when faced with a democrat, I’m not going to call them those things to their face! I’m not going to spew hatred toward them because I can’t refute what they just said. I’ve listened to a liberal viewpoint. I respect where they’re coming from. I’ve even rethought some of my views because they point out very valid points. (Yes, there actually are liberals who ¬†talk clean politics out there). Why can’t you do that for me, democrats? Why can’t you reach across the aisle for once and listen to what I have to say without being biased and turning a deaf ear? frustration is…. overcoming me. And conservatives are NOT a minority!¬†

second order of business. What’s this about having a specific “No religious-ness” section in the stimulus bill? That’s discrimination. Socialism. down right wrong! not that we want your money, but you know what message that sends to me? Oh, well, here’s what it says RED ALERT! persecution, possibly a holocaust coming! it only starts with specifically not giving us the same benefits. by by non-profit organisation status.. oops! higher tax on churches! “Oh, it says here you’re ‘religious’ that’s another thousand dollars. Ooh, I can’t hire a christian because then I have to pay higher taxes. No christians allowed in this cafe! We don’t want you here. Dude, why don’t you just, leave the country or something… Oh, you don’t want to leave the counrty? Here, let me give you a little motivation. On second thought, I don’t want to burden another country with your false ideas. I’m just going to kill all of you!” and that’s how religion gets squashed out of a country. It’s a very scary thought… you don’t trust me? Just wait…

Third order of business. I was walking down the hall, when all of a sudden I couldn’t move because… WHADDYA KNOW! I 20 idiot pileup! I’m not even joking, every stupid person and their significant other were hanging around in the middle of the hall…. all clumped up in the same area. honestly people! Did it ever cross your mind that you could, I don’t know, move out of the way!? I sat there for five minutes tapping my foot because I couldn’t budge an inch. I love high school, don’t get me wrong… but I think a bunch of retards go to my school.

Well, I’ve successfully ranted about all three things that caused me to have a headache today. Someday I’m going to start a video blog. That’ll be cool.

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  1. mangsta2 says:

    Bah ha ha ha!!!! 20 idiot pile-up!!! lolz…… Anyway, the whole teacher thing………. I’m glad that she’s only a student teacher, meaning that she’s still LEARNING how to teach. I believe that teachers should teach us HOW to think, not WHAT to think.

    Grace, a video blog would be so cool. :D

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