So, I’ve just finished a rather trying day. I”m not going to lie, the way my peers wallow in their own sin can be rather…. disturbing to me. Conversations around me are un-wholesome and I’m learning things about people that I wish it wasn’t true.

Last Sunday we started this call to prayer thing at my church(which I encourage all of you to do) which is where you pray non-stop and seek God non-stop. You fast on Mondays and come to prayer meetings and stuff. It;s all pretty amazing. Here‘s the video that kind of explains the call to prayer(kind of, it’s more like a piece of evidence for the need of a call to prayer) It’s called a call to anguish. It’s pretty convicting. If you just clicked the link, I’d pause the video and go get a box of Kleenex.

Anyway, since by now you’ve watched the video, I’ll tell you about how this has affected my life in the past week. Something that I’ve been praying about(Somewhat weakly) has been to see the world through God’s eyes. I’ve prayed that God would open my eyes to have compassion on people. Well, on Sunday I actually earnestly prayed for anguish. The yield has been astonishing. I see all my friends and all the struggles they have and all the crap that’s in their lives and my heart actually breaks for them.

Last night, I was going to expand this post into something really huge, but I felt this immense urge to go to my room, shut the door and pray for the people that I’m blogging about. Sorry, this was going to be epic, but God had bigger more epic plans for last night.

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3 Responses to Anguish

  1. Ah'Sandra says:

    Hey girlie! Thanks for sharing!
    And thanks for listening to Jesus instead of blogging. ;-)
    I love you!

  2. mangsta2 says:

    I totally know what you’re talking about. I feel like I have this perspective outside of everything that lets me see other people. They have so many problems, doubts, fears, petty disputes, and other pointless issues. And then I look at me…. and it looks like I’ve got everything so easy! I still struggle with things, of course (if you don’t you’re God…), but my life is not defined by my problems, it is defined by God. Other people just seem to go from problem to problem to problem to problem, and then they have to go BACK to an old problem and refix it and bla bla bla. I feel free, and seeing everyone else so trapped by their problems just saddens me.
    But I don’t become anguished, just pretty annoyed. Especially if the people are Christians. (which, I go to a Christian school, so [hopefully] most are Christians). They don’t accept the freedom from worldly cares that Christ provides! I love that freedom soooooo much!

    It really is tough to watch people wallow. :/

  3. mangsta2 says:

    P.S. I heart your new blog format/style. :)

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